Power Button issue


Nov 23, 2016
okay so I diagnosed this far enough to find the issue. But I am not sure how to fix it..my lenovo yoga pro 3 has this problem where once we hit the powerbutton the screen lights up but the lenovo start screen does not. After searching around I found comments saying that this was because of how the power button was welded. Apparently the nodes were welded too close to each other and that cause the problem. So to test it, I got a decent magnet from an old speakers i had and held it above the power button so to disrupt the electrical current that prevented it from starting up.

And it worked, I found the problem. Now I am looking for guides on how to fix this problem, anyone have any words of advice on how I should fix this? This is a fault in the design, but I do not have a warranty on this computer any longer.. and would like to fix this myself.
Can you translate this to something more technical?

A power button is but a momentary switch, meaning you press it, it's spring loaded, the actually button I call the "plunger" goes down and shorts two contact points on the circuit board, this signals it to boot, you release the button as one would normally do, the spring lifts the plunger and the two contact points is now electrically broken.

Based on this explanation how a mechanical power button works, tell me what is NOT doing, or doing too much of.


Nov 23, 2016

summarized version is this: problem - when turned on, computer is stuck on black screen with only back light working. Lenovo screen doesn't appear either.
after searching online and checking - found comments that the power button (momentary switch) was welding together, thus creating a short circuit as the power in the computer skips the switch.
How I checked to see if this was true - used a magnet to trick computer into thinking the lid was closed (I know what I was doing in this case. I kept it away from any important parts and found the position of the magnets on the screen to make sure I am in the right area.
My diagnosis- It was indeed the power button (momentary switch) because of this: after a few minutes of having a black screen with only he back lights on, I put the magnet over the position of the momentary switch (power button) to force the current in the switch to be grounded (charge is forced to move due to the magnetic field (EMF). Therefor I was forced to conclude that the problem is in the power switch as when the magnet was put on it, the computer immediately turned on.

My question: How can I fix this problem as my warranty is now void due to it being past it's expiration. I am worried I may break my computer if I take it apart. But this problem with the momentary switch is bothering me immensely.

edit: tl;dr momentary switch is short circuited and takes several attempts to properly boot computer
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