Power On Troubles


Jul 18, 2016
Hi everyone .
So 5 days ago i was running on low battery on my laptop (it's an Acer Aspire TimelineX 5820tg)
so i shut it down cause i had to go on a vacation and i left it home . And today i returned , so i've had this ram that i wanted to upgrade and i did it . After i tried turning it on it just turns on for 5 seconds the Led light i mean and turns off for 5 seconds as well , it again turns on for 5 more seconds it keeps doing this i hear the HDD and the fan sometimes runs and sometimes not . I really dont have any idea ?


1| There is a 9~10 digit alphanumeric key that will help identify your unit's specs. Can you please pass it on?
2| Have you made sure your BIOS was up to date prior to populating the unit with your new ram? Does it power up with your old stick of ram?
3| Can you please pass on a link or an image of the ram(stick/kit) with information found off the sticker?
4| It'd be of great help if you could pas son your OS as well.