Powerful Android Streaming Box Suggestions


Jul 5, 2010
I want a fast, snappy, and intuitive android box to stream and cast media. But I will never ever ever use it to "game." From what I can gather the Nvidia Shield is one of, if not the most powerful devices to stream media, however I know its geared towards gaming and even ships with a controller that I would probably just leave in its packaging as the unit also ships with a remote.

Are there any options that are just as powerful as the Shield that don't utilize "gaming" or controllers?

1. The box has to be able to download and utilize apps seamlessly (no tricks or installation of third party backdoor or sideloading software).

2. Has to run Kodi as close to flawless as possible (for example no sideloading etc, just want to be able to download and utilize Kodi)

3. Does the Shield run Kodi as any PC would? Are there any limitations/restrictions? Can I run any old repository just like I would be able to on a PC?

4. Is there anything comparable to the Shield in terms of speed?

5. If I do go with the Nvidia Shield, I don't have access to hardline ethernet in the room in which it'll be used. Will it still be noticeably quicker than my AppleTV as an example?

6. Can it utilize Chromecast? As in, if I want to stream (mirror?) a video from my phone/laptop to the Shield, is it simple?

7. ELI5 the difference between the Nvidia Shield and the Nvidia Shield Pro. Is the Pro actually faster, or does it just have more storage?