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Any one out there in virtual land doing video capture on like a ATI AIW or comparable card and then doing video editing with Premiere or other software.
I would essentially like to know what type of system config you have and how well its working doing non-linear editing
without having a dedicated video editing card such as a DV500 or RT1000.


I really don't know what a dedicated video editing card does. However, with Premiere or any other non-linear video editing program, your main concern should be RAM, hardrive speed/space, and then CPU power. I have a dual celeron 550 with 256 megs of ram and a Quantum V 18.3gig SCSI hd. I can almost render and encode in real time, but not quite. maybe a dual gigahertz can do it.


I am currently doing NL Editing on PCs. We have 2 stations. 1 is a dual P-III 500 with 512Mb. of ram, 1 15Gb Boot drive, 1 10Gb drive for the swap file & Temp files, and a 4x20gb stripe array running on a Promise Fastrack UDMA-66 RAID-0 controller. All drives are 7200RPM and have 2Mb buffers. This machine is using IBM IDE drives.

Our second machine uses an AMD-Duron 600 pushed to 800Mhz. The drives are basically the same configuration except that we are using Segate rather than IBM.

Both machines use Matrox G-400 Marvel cards for capture and run NT-4 SP6a.

We can capture at full resolution with maybe 1 dropped frame per 64,000 frames captured. Generally we have 0 drops unless we are doing a very long capture.

In conclusion, the single most important consideration for Video Editing & Capture is Hard Drive speed if you are doing capture with limited compression. As you increase the compression the demands on the CPU(s) increase significantly. Because our application demands the highest level of quality we selected and use the Matrox G-400 Marvel as that allows capture without using a degrading compression.

We are looking at the RT2000 system (Which uses the same Capture hardware but includes a better software bundle) but are not happy that it only runs on Windows 98 which isn't that stable in our experience.


Thanks for the info.
I will be running a IDE ATA100 raid system, the number of drives I'm not sure.

Thanks again.

Take Care.
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Dec 31, 2007
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There is a new thing from Canopus, DVStorm. I've tried their EZDV, it's very good. RT2000 is not good for DV. DVStorm has analogue inputs and outputs, it promises a lot.
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