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  1. S

    In app video availability?

    Hey guys, I am trying to understand if there is a way to incorporate a video record & share feature within an AR App where the AR feature is activated by markers on a t-shirt and you aren't placing it on a open plane. Reason I ask is we are currently developing an app for Augmented Reality...
  2. A

    External device for macbook air to screen record that does not affect the laptop perfomace

    Hi, I am looking to record my screen but right now OBS is too taxing on my laptop so i cannot use it while having other applications open. I was wondering if there was a device that i could use that would work independently and handle all the power needed to screen record. So basically here is...
  3. koberulz

    Looking for a Laptop for Video Capture

    My Lenovo G51 seems to have carked it, at least for my purposes, so I guess I'm in the market for a replacement. It's usually hooked up to my home theater system. Primary purpose is video capture, in HD via a BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle using the included BlackMagic Media Express, or SD via a...
  4. C

    Force a Receiver's Audio Output

    I'll open this by saying that I understand what I am trying to do is pretty unconventional and obnoxiously stubborn. My partner just got into livestreaming on Twitch, and we said we wanted to do some console streaming. But not necessarily consoles that have built-in streaming. So we got a PC...
  5. G

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K FAQ: What You Need to Know

    Everything you need to know about this new, video-focused mirrorless camera. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K FAQ: What You Need to Know : Read more
  6. T

    Solved! Hdmi pass through for pc for consoles

    I was wondering if there is anything i could buy like a pci-e card that would allow me to plug in consoles such as a Nintendo switch to my computer and run it on my computer like an application?
  7. K

    Solved! cut wires on security cam with night vision

    how to hook up usb 2.0 to 5 wire(2 x Red ,2 x black and 1 yellow ) bunker hill 62468 security cam with night vision
  8. N

    Canon eos 70D

    I’ve purchased a Canon EOS 70D and the DJI Ronin M and I need to get a external monitor so I can actually see what I’m recording. Is there any solutions as I can’t connect my phone to WiFi whilst recording on it
  9. V

    Looking for a 1080p60 action camera for amateur free diving

    There's no screen in my home more than capable of 1080p@60hz and I'll never upgrade so I don't want to overkill with my camera choice. Just looking for a simple one that I'll be capturing around no deeper than 8 meters daytime salt water. Also, I won't use premium features like WiFi, GPS...
  10. S

    1080p 60fps Recording

    Hello guys i recently bought Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 that records videos at 1080p 30fps, i checked it's chipset exynos 7870 and it says it supports 1080p 60fps so samsung must be having some software limitations, is there any way to record at 1080p 60fps?
  11. M

    Nikon coolprix s31 doent take pictures

    hello i have waterproof nikon coolprix s31 and can not to take photos. i push the buttom and it not capture. This happen suddenly. I have memory in my card.. So i can take photos only with smile finder. there is something else that make my camera to take photos??? Thanks a lot,,,
  12. B

    Church Video With Budget

    Here is the deal. Our church is planning on setting up a live streaming setup. We already have a customizable pc with vMix on it on our shopping list but we have one problem. We only have $1,000 left. We need a camera up out of the aisles for our church. At this price point, it is very difficult...
  13. T

    Looking for PCI capture card...

    Hi there, I'm looking for a capture card with at least 2 HDMI inputs. It will be used for live stream 1080p video from video cameras. Yes, it will be used for commercial use in a church. If a PCI card is not available, external hardware will do just fine. The OS is windows 7 32 bit with 4GB of...
  14. A

    Youtube quality drop 60fps

    Hi, this is my first thread here on this forum sorry if I do something wrong. I want to upload some gaming videos to Youtube but I couldn't decide what recorder software to use finally I decided to use shadowplay or action (one of them) but the problem is that when I record with 60 fps in 1080p...
  15. D

    Streaming with a camcorder

    My friends and I play music, mostly jamming, we were looking to stream some of our jams, whether it be youtube, or facebook, or twitch, still haven't figured out what the best place is. We have at our disposal: - Sony Handycam HDR-CX580 (though I can't seem to find that model, only HDR-CX580V...
  16. M

    ePSXe (Android) gameplay capture through Chromecast?

    So I have an Android tablet with the ePSXe app installed which I use for playing my old playstation games in higher resolution. Lately I've been wanting to play on a bigger screen than my tablet and also make some gameplay recordings and I've been thinking about getting a Chromecast for this...
  17. seancaptain

    GoPro Hero5 Black Review: Problems Solved

    The Hero5 Black is the most usable GoPro yet, thanks to a waterproof design, voice controls and a much-improved onscreen interface. GoPro Hero5 Black Review: Problems Solved : Read more
  18. L

    Is This Camera Good?

    First off, I know this camera is good. I'm just not sure if it's good for what I need. Here's a link to it It costs around 50USD. Includes: Waterproof case Helmet mount Bike mount Suggested...
  19. V

    My Headphones Are Buzzing When I Am Recording

    Alright, so I have Sennheiser Game Zero Headset which like I said in the title make buzzing sound when I am recording because of my mic. So I turned off the playback sound off which removed the buzzing sound for me but when I record anything on shadowplay or fraps and then watch the videos the...
  20. L

    100 Hour Continuous Video Capture

    Hi all, I am working on a new project which will require near-continuous video recording for up to 100 hours, from two separate cameras. Ideally I would like to record continuously for the duration, so that I can set up, press "Go," and walk away, but I can stop/start every 24 hours if...
  21. A

    How to convert modified TS Format

    Hi everyone. I just recorded a TV program thorugh my provider's decoder to an USB and later opened it in my PC. The file format is TS (I did my research and found it is a MPEG-2 type of container), but sadly none of my programs can open it (VLC, Media Player). Then I looked for converters for...
  22. J

    Video Capture For Live Streaming

    I am working on a live stream setup and need help identifying a good video capture device for my situation. I am building a computer with a Haswell i7, 16gb of ram, and probably an R7-370 to run video out to multiple screens. I have two handheld HDMI cameras and one SDI camera that I would...
  23. R

    Can I capture/record High quality video from a DSLR onto my computer (HDMI preferred)?

    I am known to devices like Atomos ninja 2 and star, Blackmagic HyperDesk Shuttle which are dedicatedly made for DSLR video capturing. But they are expensive. Also they both require external recording media for storage which further has to be connected with PC inorder to copy the videos recorded...
  24. M

    How do you send audio from a TV to multiple sources?

    I have been trying to record gameplay sessions, via a capture card, of various console video games and have run into an issue pertaining to audio. Doing a solo session is fine, as I can run the game audio though a headset; however, doing a session with multiple people results in having to either...
  25. P

    Capture TV programs without a PC

    Hello everyone :) I want to record my TV programs, so I'm looking for a capture with a HDD, I can't connect the video capture to a PC. The capture must to be connected to the decoder and record. Is that possible?
  26. M

    Sony vegas pro 13 stuck at creating windows at start up

    Hey everyone, I am not sure if this is the right place to post, so correct me if I did something wrong. whenever I open Sony Vegas Pro 13 on my new laptop: - Windows 10 (Updated from 8.1) - Didn't test it on 8.1 - nvidia 960m Drivers up to date (says IObit Driver Booster) And I have no clue...
  27. E

    Good VHS to DVD or Digital Software.

    Any recommendations? Specifically for windows 7. I already have a capture card but it was a cheap one on ebay. My problem with the included software and/or hardware was not being able to get sound during recording as I could only sound during direct playback. I see most online have pretty crappy...
  28. P

    Record from Samsung Galaxy S5 to HDD

    Is it at all possible to use a phone and record video directly to a hdd? I want to know becasue since the phone I'm using alredy has a decent camera and is able to shoot in 60fps for a long time compared to my T2I that can only shoot for a limited ammount of time (approx 12 mins) because of...
  29. J

    Splitting 3 RCA output into two

    I apologize if this is the wrong category, but I didn't see anywhere else that looked better. Let's say that I have a device with a 3 RCA male output, and I want to be able to split that output into two, one going to a TV, the other to a capture card connected to a computer. How would I do...
  30. C

    buzzing sound on computer

    I have a Roxio Video Capture USB connect to my computer and on my Sony Hi8 Camcorder.and there is a buzzing sound coming from my computer..
  31. M

    Shadowplay tearing on gtx850m

    Hi ! I recently got a hp envy 15-k000st. I tried to record some games with shadowplay. When I watch the videos, top side of videos have tearing. Tried Turning on vsync in game, changed record settings lowest quality,lowest bitrate highest quality...
  32. C

    Best screen capturing software for games?

    Hi all, just wondering if any of you can recommend good screen capturing software for games, ideally for recording in 1080p at 30 fps, currently i'm using Loilo but just wanted to make sure there isn't anything better. Also using Loilo one minute of footage produced a file size of 1gb, this...
  33. Mojoe134

    Which drone should i buy?

    I really wanted to buy a drone so i could fly a drone over the highschool football game for the school to watch. We have this KPTV and morning announcement club thing and i think it would be awesome to put in a clip of a play for the video. I want a drone that is reliable and sturdy so it wont...
  34. C

    Live Streaming from Camera's HDMI out...

    Thanks for taking time to check my problem out. I have searched google and this site and not really found an answer. My Camera, CANON XA20, has an HDMI out. We want to live stream. So what is the best way to go from that hdmi out into a computer with an Internet connection? Not really worried...
  35. S

    Sony Vegas Pro 12 Rendered Video Lagging Every Few Seconds! (Dropping frames..HELP!)

    Hey guys! Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I've asked everywhere and got no answers... I thought this forum, being the place where I get most of my valuable information from... could help :) Like the title says.. every time I try to render this particular project, the frames on the...
  36. L

    Fujifilm FinePix S8200 Vs Fujifilm FinePix SL1000

    Just a quick question before I have to leave. Fujifilm FinePix SL1000 has 50x optical zoom for a price of $260. And the Fujifilm FinePix S8200 Has 40x optic zoom for $200. Is the optical zoom the only difference? If It is I'll just go with the S8200. Have a good digital camera under $300 that...
  37. J

    What is Dedicated Encoding in MSI Afterburner?

    While I was looking through the video capture settings for MSI Afterburner, I found an option labeled "Use Dedicated Encoder Server". I remember seeing something like this while looking through RivaTuner Statistics Server. The tooltips provided didn't explain what this function did in a way...
  38. B

    Need Help Picking A Mic For YouTube

    So I wanted to start getting into YouTube and I was wondering what mic to purchase. I can afford the Blue Yeti although I'm scared of crashing a burning on YouTube, and losing money I could have spent on better stuff, do you think the Blue Yeti is worth it for someone just starting YouTube? Or...
  39. M

    smallest prnt scrn software

    Which one is a no frill quick screen capture software? Just want to fast capture a few screen shots with different windows of results... dont need any video capture feature .. so looking for something very fast and lightweight .. googled it, but all seem to be too big with all features.. was...
  40. W

    How to connect hp pavilion 17" laptop (HP 17-e009wm) with windows 8 to my ps3?

    As I said in the top box, I have a HP Pavillion 17" laptop, model number 'HP 17-e009wm' and want to connect it to my PS3 with as little money as possible. I have the HTMI cable but its output on each end, what do I need to do to connect my windows 8 computer to my PS3?
  41. G

    Ion Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi Review

    Ion's new action camera is looking to challenge the GoPro with solid video quality for a lower price. Ion Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi Review : Read more
  42. B

    Sony HDR CX220, video capture not recording, ,

    while recording not stop video the camera saves as pictures and short videos when playing back, Screen shows focusing on people and capture flashes, where is my video? HELP!
  43. C

    free video recording and video editing

    I plan to record for youtube at least 720p and need free video capture with no ad's and free video editing software...
  44. J

    how much 1080p hd video can i put on these dslr cameras?

    how much 1080p can i get on these cameras canon t5i, canon t4i, panasonic g6 , nikon d5200 it you have some recomendations tell me some good dslr camera for 1000-500 that record alot of 1080p video
  45. B

    How much fps do you gain when using a capture card?

    Hello people of Tom's Hardware. I am looking into buying a capture card to get better stream quality and I was wondering how much fps do you gain when using one. This is the one I am considering
  46. Nitas

    Any way to make choppy video files un-choppy?

    Hello there. So I have a few home-recorded videos of sentimental value I would like to keep, but they are choppy to the point that they're impossible to watch. It's pretty much like this: Start video>picture freezes for 2 secs>continues for 1 sec>picture freezes for 2 secs>continues for 2...
  47. S

    Which camera should I get?!

    hello! I am an action sports videographer and I also do stills sometimes. I'm looking to upgrade from just using a bunch of go pro hero 3's to a good Canon. I'm leaning towards the Canon T4i or 7D. I'll probably just going to get a used or refurbished one and a couple lenses. What camera would...
  48. S

    What do I need to transfer my old VCR tapes onto my PC?

    I would like to transfer my old vhs tapes onto my pc (and then burn on DVD) They are videos we took ourselves of family events and we'd like to preserve them in digital format. I have a PC built by Chillblast with a Palit Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 card & Asus P8Z77-V motherboard, Windows7 with...
  49. S

    tv tuner card or video capture card

    Not sure if I put this under the right section of the forum. I want to turn my computer into a dvr, I am just not sure if I should buy a tuner card, or a capture card. I would be using a verizon vios set top box to get the video feed, so I am not sure if i would need a tuner card. However, I...
  50. ahmad_98

    need good video capture

    What a good software to capture and record video games I play?
  51. J


    What slr digital camera delivers the crispest,clearest,cleanest photos hands down for macro work ? NO video capture required. TY
  52. F

    Meragana video capture forum

    i think some one needs to answer who is meragana customer, then you will understand, what do they do is ,after you open song YOU CAN NOT MINIMISE THE SCREEN IT REMAINS FULL ALL THE TIME,not able bring our video capture program, need help thanks in adv
  53. M

    Cannot create video captue filter

    How to cope if after the install there is always a message "canot create video capture filter" thank you
  54. JMcEntegart

    Nintendo 3DS Slide-pad Official; 3DS Gets Video Capture

    Nintendo last night made no mention of the rumored slide-out pad for the 3DS but the peripheral is now available for order on the company's Japanese website. Nintendo 3DS Slide-pad Official; 3DS Gets Video Capture : Read more
  55. S

    How i can remove the error cannot create video capture filter

    how can i remove the error of my msi cr400 web cam the error is cannot create video capture filter.
  56. C

    error 8007045a : cannot capture video capture filters

    on activating Google camera adapter 1 web camera is giving error 8007045a : cannot capture video capture filters, google talk is not detecting web camera
  57. stillupgrading

    Realtime Video Capture Software

    Hello, I am interested in programs that will allow me to video tape my computer screen. I don't understand how to capture sound.
  58. Atotalnoob

    Video capture and editing

    Hello, people! I am getting into posting videos on Youtube, so I need a better way of capturing video... I am currently using Xfire, but it isn't the best... I have Windows 7 64 bit, and I want free stuff! I looked on Cnet and I couldn't find anything.... the game I am capturing in is Bad...
  59. G

    Error 8007045a: cannot create video capture filter

    Hello, i am getting the error "Error 8007045a: cannot create video capture filter" while trying to use frontech webcam pls suggest a solution