Can I capture/record High quality video from a DSLR onto my computer (HDMI preferred)?


Mar 19, 2016
I am known to devices like Atomos ninja 2 and star, Blackmagic HyperDesk Shuttle which are dedicatedly made for DSLR video capturing. But they are expensive. Also they both require external recording media for storage which further has to be connected with PC inorder to copy the videos recorded, slowing down my work flow.

Recently, I came to know about video capturing devices like Elgato game capture HD, Hauppauge HD PVR 2, Avermedia C875 Live, Diamond Mutimedia GC 1000, Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket etc which are dedicatedly made to capture video from gaming consoles. As these devices are cheaper than Ninja 2 and Hyperdesk Shuttle so I can save some money.

So my question are "Can I use these game capturing devices to capture video from my camera (DSLR/Point & Shoot)? What are the technical issues i can encounter? "
Yup, you can use them, and should work just fine. The only real issue you might see is increased color banding and lower overall quality compared to a real HDMI capture.