ePSXe (Android) gameplay capture through Chromecast?

Michael Trenton

Feb 4, 2015
So I have an Android tablet with the ePSXe app installed which I use for playing my old playstation games in higher resolution.
Lately I've been wanting to play on a bigger screen than my tablet and also make some gameplay recordings and I've been thinking about getting a Chromecast for this.

Is it possible to use a Chromecast for this?

1) Is ePSXe supported for Chromecast? Basically can I stream both the video and audio from ePSXe using a Chromecast?

2) Will I be able to insert the Chromecast directly into a capture card and record the video and audio from the Chromecast or does Chromecast use HDCP protection to prevent recording from taking place?

Does anyone here have any experience with this kind of setup?