Question Problem with service menu on Samsung LE37A656A1F!

Sep 8, 2019
Hi! I own a Samsung le37a656a1f and recently accessed the hidden service menu to see if I could get wiselink to read videos from my USB. Doing so I unfortunately changed something on model or type model and don't know how to revert it back to what it was initially.

1) Is there anyway you could help me please? Maybe giving me the original settings to my TV? Or perhaps a link to where I could find them on my own?

2)When I hook it up with a USB device the TV recognizes the device but on the wiselink menu I can't browse the contents of it. The "enter" option is grayed out. Do you know why? How could I watch video files in my USB on this television?

Thanks in advance for your time and efforts!
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The menu options should have a reset to defaults somewhere in them.

What you can use with the USB stick you can find in the manual or online support. Most TVs have a set limit on USB stick size, file system and what it can play back.

According to the USB specs, your TV USB port is not made for video

"7 WISELINK Connect a USB mass storage device to view photo files (JPEG) and play audio files (MP3) "
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