Pushing the limits on a Nexus 7


Nov 20, 2009
I will begin a masters degree program in September and am now looking to buy a portable computer. My preference is from a tablet because the batteries last much longer and because they are light weight. I do, however, need to be able to do all of the following tasks at one time:
Use Skype with web cam.
Record the webcam conversation.
Open a simple powerpoint file with a viewer.
Open a simple notepad program.

Does anyone know if I would be able to do this? I plan on getting 32 gb of ram with it.

Thank you all. Those are all good suggestions and I know that each app can run, one at a time, on the Nexus with no problems. My question is, does the Nexus have enough power - cpu, memory, etc to open and use all 4 programs at one time without going into glory into a ball of digital fire?


You can skype with the Nexus as long as you are in the vicinity of free, dependable and fast wireless service. Other alternatives are:

1. Use your phone as a wireless hotspot (if it has that capability).

2. Tether your phone to the Nexus 7 in order to access the internet.

3. Buy the mobile data version which works on AT&T's HSPA+ network or any other GSM carrier service like T-Mobile. It will not work with Verizon or Sprint. AT&T's monthly data plan starts at $15 for 250mb, $30 for 3GB and $50 for 5GB + $10 fee for every 1GB above your monthly data plan.

4. Purchase a separate hotspot device that multiple devices can use. For example, ClearSpot ($35 / $50 per month) or Virgin Mobile's OverDrive Pro ($35 / $55 per month). Their plans are slightly difference from each other. But both have unlimited 4G service. I think ClearSpot has different connection speeds for the two prices and for OverDrive it the amount of 3G data service which is different.
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