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  1. A

    Rooted Nexus 7 stuck in bootloop

    3 years ago my Nexus 7 2012 was updating then got stuck in a boot loop. My dad as sent it to 2 people so far but no luck. I want my data perfectly fine. Info Stuck in bootloop for 3 year rooted
  2. T

    New to Google world with Samsung Tab A (SM-T280). Have an issue with video downloads.....

    My daughter was given one as a gift. We also have a Nexus 7 for our son. We downloaded some Sesame Street episodes on the Nexus and wanted to put some on the Tab A. I had no real issues accessing our Google account to load purchased videos on the Nexus. I ran into an issue with the Tab...
  3. BlueMustache

    Nexus 7 2012 is it dead Jim?

    Hello Tom's Hardware, So, a couple of months ago I decided my out of warranty 2012 Nexus 7 should finally update. After almost a year of avoiding the system update out of paranoia of my device becoming useless, I don't know why. So I left the device plugged in with 70% charge, and told it to...
  4. C

    Nexus 7 Tablet (2013) won't come on or charge

    Hi all, May I have some assistance please? My Nexus 7 Tablet (2013) has been dead for a month now and today I tried to charge it but it won't boot up. I left it for maybe 4 hours or more but it showed no improvement. I tried pressing down the power button and did that for about 60 seconds but...
  5. L

    What new tablet to get

    The screen broke on my old nexus 7 and the battery was going (took 20 hours for full charge and went in a few hours). I am wondering what to get to replace it. I will be gaming on it and I want the android apps like iplayer, nowtv, itv hub and various gaming apps and emulators so I would prefer...
  6. B

    Google Nexus 7 Find SIM phone Number

    How can I find my SIM card phone number on my Google Nexus 7
  7. N

    Looking for Program to transfer files

    I would like to find how to transfer files from my Nexus 7-13 to my pc, ? All I see are programs doing this with phones.
  8. H

    move apps to different tablet

    how can i move my apps from my nexus 7 to my new samsung tab 2 the nexus 7 is not compatible with the smart switch
  9. E

    How can I back-up app data for a secondary user on Nexus 7 before it is wiped

    My son's nexus 7 needs fixing, I have to send it off and they will probably need to do a factory reset. I am owner and main user, he has a user account that I have to allow apps to be usable from my account. I have found Helium, which backs up from my user fine, but he has loads of game hours...
  10. B

    nexus 7 update

    why won't my nexus 7 download from Kindle since 25.11.14
  11. S

    get a charge and recharge on Nexus 7 asus, down to 4% charge falling fast can't get and kep charge Sam C p charge

    Nexus 7 asus -- can't charge and keep device charged -- out of warranty. Have sent device twice (2) to manu problem recurs Sam C.
  12. B

    Why i cant play any videos on my tablet nexus 7?plz help ty

    Why i couldnt play any videos on my tablet its nexus 7 please help!
  13. A

    Google Nexus 7 2013 V/S samsung galaxy note 3 neo.

    I have to choose between 1)Google nexus 7 by asus 2013(Wifii+LTE) 32 GB and 2)Samsung galaxy note 3 neo. in terms of gaming,reading,watching movies and camera.Please suggest between the two.
  14. dan2222

    nexus 7 not working

    Hello, I bought a nexus 7 a while back and it stopped working so I sent it off and they sent me a new or repaired on. A few months passed and I got a message saying an update is available to the operating system. I pressed ok and now the thing does not work. I rang up and they said the...
  15. H

    Nexus 7 (2012) not charging

    About 6 months ago my Nexus 7 2012 tablet stopped charging. On some days it would charge a couple of percent in 24 hours. After looking on forums, I decided to buy a new battery to see if it would fix the problem. My tablet charged perfectly fine for the next couple of months and lasted longer...
  16. RenzoRaptor

    Can you use a Nexus 7 / Samsung Charger for the Beats Pill?

    RAPTOR here , I would like to ask a quick question. Recently I went to my buddy's house and I charged my Beats Pill there and sadly I lost it (the head not the cord). Can you use a Nexus 7 or a Samsung (NOTE 2) charger (the head part , the one you plug into the outlet) to charge the Beats...
  17. A

    My new Google Nexus 7 will not let me skip the WiFi choice page. I don't have Internet at my home, only on my iPhone. How can

    What do you do if you don't have home internet and you can't access your tablet?
  18. C

    Can i use a Playstation 1,2,3 or 4 Controller to Play PS1,Sega Genesis,SNES,NES,N64 Roms on my Nexus 7

    Just wondering i have been playing PS1,Sega Genesis,SNES,NES and N64 Roms on my Nexus 7 for the last 2 years. Using an Emulator and the virtual keypad for each of the ancient systems that is in the emulators. I love these systems i grew up with them that is why i still like to nostalgically...
  19. M

    nexus 7 2013 model

    My nexus 7's camera isn't working... Once I faced this problem , I restarted my tablet but the camera become disabled ... I re-installed the camera from the play store but it again showing me that problem... Whenever I open the camera it showing me some connecting problem ... I don't understand...
  20. O

    narrowed down to nexus 7 or dell venue, use windows 8.1 at home. not a gamer, need tablet for college notes ect. any advice is

    Looking for a small tablet I can take to school for notes and web browsing and since I use windows 8.1 at home am leaning to the dell venue 8, but really like the look and great reviews of the nexus 7. Will need to add keyboard to either as prefer typing notes, also would like to buy a...
  21. Taafe

    Would the Asus Nexus 7 2013 be perfect for College in the UK?

    I'm starting College again in August and was wondering if the Nexus 7 2013 would be good enough for a nice college perk?
  22. William Norberg

    Mali vs Adreno

    How does the mali t604 stack up against the adreno 320? (nexus 10, nexus 7)
  23. corcorand82

    Nexus 7 ROM issue, need fixed today

    I'm just as excited as the next google fanboy about the new android 4.5/5.0, but this got the best of me honestly. Last night I was uploading L DP to my nexus 7 using ADB. Once the device was wiped, ADB experienced an error and aborted. now the device will not boot past the "google" logo. I...
  24. E

    Is Nexus 7 (2013) Worth Getting Now Or I Should Get Something Else?

    Like My Question Is It Worth It Or No?
  25. J

    Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 vs LG G Pad 8.3 vs Nexus 7

    Title says it all. I'm looking to buy a tablet, and have narrowed my decision to these three tablets. This is going to be a "fun" tablet, used for web browsing, watching Netflix, and light gaming. Each of these tablets have their own strengths, and I'm having trouble deciding which one is best...
  26. Daniel Harvey

    need advice on tablet for a 13 year old. 2 budgets to choose from ...

    Hi, my 12 yr old brother is asking for a tablet for his birthday in September when he will be 13. he doesn't know or want to know about what is inside the tablet he just wants to use Skype calls, probably free games, a few YouTube video's and general web browsing. he wont use 3g or anything...
  27. G

    asus memo or google nexus 7?

    hey guys, I'm torn between these two tablets that seem to be pretty good on both ends. Which one do you guys think I should go for? Nexus ^^...
  28. V

    Wi-fi icon appears in orange. (Nexus 7)

    I recently noticed that the wi-fi icon on my new Nexus 7 appears in orange for 2 seconds, after being connected to a network and then becomes white again. It is not a problem, since it connects without any problems, however it seems curious to me why this happens? Any idea? This happens ever...
  29. I

    Nexus 7 (2012) not cutting it anymore.

    I currently have a nexus 7 (2012). I like it but I'm frustrated with the WiFi. I have a Galaxy s5 and at work I get far better WiFi signal on that than my Nexus. On my nexus I'm losing signal or getting weak signal where as my S5 works perfectly. I'm to the point my Nexus sits there and I...
  30. V

    How to update Nexus 7 to Android KitKat (4.4) ?

    I am thinking of buying Google Nexus 7. Does it come with Android KitKat, or it is with the previous (Jelly Bean) version and I have to update it? If yes, how do I update it to KitKat? Thank you.
  31. V

    Is Android KitKat buggy on Nexus 7?

    I am thinking of buying my first tablet - Google Nexus 7. However, I am reading a lot of negative reviews for the latest Android version - KitKat. It seems a lot of people are complaining about camera crashes, buggy touch screen and apps crashing, thanks to the update. This is the only reason I...
  32. V

    Recommend me a good tablet in the price range of £200 pounds.

    I am searching for a good tablet to buy as a present for myself. The price range is somewhere around £200 pounds. I have made a research and stopped at Google Nexus 7 (16GB), It is around £170 and has quite good characteristics. It is also really fast. Do you think it is a good tablet, and if...
  33. Nabeel Farooqui

    nexus 7 or 10?

    So, I can either get the new nexus 7 2013, or get the older, bigger, more expensive nexus 10 if I wait a bit. So I basically want it for gaming, (heavy and light). Since the N10 is getting old, is it a good idea too buy it? And what are the other tablets I can take a look at in that price range...
  34. Rationale

    EVGA Tegra Note

    It's a choice between this and the Nexus 7 2013. I like all the advantages of the Tegra Note more, but if it can't be repaired manually like the Nexus 7 then it's automatically out, imo. How repairable is the Tegra Note? I can't find an answer anywhere. Can it be taken apart? Can the battery...
  35. Mr Burns

    Cannot Connect Tablet To PC HELP!!

    I am running windows xp pro sp3 and my tablet is google nexus 7 2nd generation. I installed the hardware with sucess however it will not show up in my computer. I watched a video on y'tube and it said just plug it in and it should just appear in my computer and i should be able to transfer...
  36. U

    Google nexus 7 lte version not working with giffgaff sim

    I have let it search for an operator automatically without success tried manually selecting o2 and still no luck. Turned on aeroplane mode and the other options and off again and still nothing. Need help please.
  37. A

    which one should i buy ?

    Google Nexus 7 2012 Tablet VS Dell Venue 7 Tablet VS which one is better ? bang for buck ?
  38. O

    Is the original 2012 Nexus 7 a good tablet?

    Long story short, I have never had a tablet before, and now I want to pick one up for cheap to do some basic stuff with. My budget has been about $149.99 and you can get a 32GB 2012 Nexus 7 from Amazon for $159.99. I just want it so I have something portable to tote around with, do internet...
  39. K

    LG G Pad vs Nexus 7 or wait for Nexus 8?

    Hi, I'm looking to buy my first tablet for study (reading,surfing) purposes and for watching videos. Screen quality and battery life are the most important things for me. I've narrowed down my choices to the three listed in topic. I'm leaning towards the LG since I've tried the iPad 3, and I...
  40. A

    Bluetooth Tethering FoxFi from Moto X on 4.4.2

    I have a Verizon Moto X on 4.4.2 that I am trying to Bluetooth tether to a Nexus 7 (2013) WiFi only via FoxFi as I do not have tethering as part of my plan. When my Moto X was on 4.2.2 I could WiFi tether so I never tried Bluetooth tethering. I know that USB tethering does work because I am able...
  41. W

    Nexus 7 2013 Performance Drop

    My Nexus 7 2013 (Android 4.4.2, unlocked bootloader but not currently rooted) suddenly started to have very poor graphics performance. I closed open apps to free up additional RAM, but that didn't help at all. I tried restarting the tablet but the problem persists. Does anyone have any...
  42. DonnyTechMaster

    Nexus 7 not recognized by computer

    I recently have been trying to get my nexus 7(2012) to connect to my pc. When I plug it in there is no indication at all that it is connected. The only thing that happens is the charging symbol appears, but on my PC there is no feedback whatsoever. There is also nothing appearing in device...
  43. L

    Help! My Nexus 7 port is broken!

    My Nexus 7 cannot charge because the Micro USB port split in half like a cracker! I can remove the back cover, but I don't know another solution other than to fiddle with the port! I can't provide pictures at the moment!
  44. P

    nexus 7 youtube problems

    So i recently started using my nexus 7 as a youtube machine, and its pretty much UN-usable, youtube works fine on my laptop, desktop, phone, and even on my friends ipad, but my nexus 7 will not YT decently on my wifi, video stutters every 5secs, if i want to watch a 5min vid ill have to let it...
  45. Z

    Nexus 7 Settings

    I remember there being a setting for how the nexus 7 displayed things, like in the full tablet version, like a phone, or like a 7 inch tablet (default). Does anyone know where this can be found it it exists and I'm not just crazy?
  46. P

    Can't change volume on Nexus 7 at all

    No one on the internet seems to have the same problem as me, but I cannot change the volume other than muting whether I use the buttons or the onscreen slider. When I use the buttons I get to change the volume for phonecalls, but this isn't a phone it is a tablet so that isn't too helpful. Has...
  47. R

    Ipad mini retina or nexus 7(2013)

    Ipad mini 2 or nexus 7 2 for better gaming
  48. G

    Help me plz, Asus nexus 7 (2013)

    Hi I want to know if and how i can stream bf4 through my tab? I have Asus h61m-vs mb 8gb ddr3 ram@ 1333 mhz Core i3 3220 3.3 ghz x2 multithread Gigabyte radeon 7850 (975mhz oc) 2gb version Classic + 500 psu Nexus 7(2013) 2gb ram adreno 320 1.5 snapdragon x4
  49. U

    Broken headphone Jack

    Ey please help me,so I have a nexus 7 2013 with but when I connect my headphone it produces no sound but the tablet connects and recognizes the headphone but no sound,it worked a while ago.I also tried different headphones and cleaned the port still the same problem,please help Thank you
  50. W

    Finding Nexus tablet at home?

    I have lost my Nexus 7 at home while cleaning my room.. Is there a possibility to find it using magnetic field. Its been a month that I have lost and am sure it will not have the juice to revive itself.
  51. A

    kindle fire hdx

    does anyone have the kindle fire hdx?if yes,are you satisfied by it?i heard many bad things about the software.will it be best to get the nexus 7 instead?
  52. I

    Need help deciding on a not so fancy Android tablet.

    So far I have two that I have been looking at, The Dell Venue 7 and the Nexus 7. The Dell Venue 7 is looking like my best option at the moment and I was looking for some input before making the purchase. Here is the Dell Venue 7
  53. R

    Logitech z120 won't work with my nexus 7 2013

    I recently bought a set of usb powered logitech z120 stereo speakers and they won't work with my nexus 7... they work with everything else and my earphones work with my nexus 7.. help.
  54. A

    new tablet dilemma

    hi.i'm between 2 tablets the kindle fire hdx 7'' and the google nexus 7.the main reason that i want one is because i;m travelling all the time and i need it to watch movies and listen to music.has anyone experience with either of them.i'm very curious about the kindle because i never had one and...
  55. G

    Comparison between a couple of phones, and a tablet.

    Moving around, mobility putting it in the pocket and taking it out. Though I'd like crisp and snappy movement, and a strong VPU|GPU Though on the phones their hardware CPU and GPU units are abit Similar and on the "Tablet" The Nexus 7 2013, it's a far improvement. But is it worth what I like...
  56. THRobinson

    Asus Nexus 7 (2013) - Extra Memory

    Started researching for a tablet... and although I like a bigger screen like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8", looking at specs and reviews (and price) the smaller Asus Nexus 7" (2013) seems like a better tablet. Better quality screen especially since I plan to tether it to my dSLR. Anyways...
  57. D

    So I need a replacement usb to micro usb cable for my nexus 7,2012 edition. The stock cable was broken by someone, and I need

    I need a replacement usb to micro usb cable for my nexus 7,2012 edition. The stock cable was broken by someone, and I need a new one, type b micro usb. I've tried other ones laying around but they just seem to slide out, the official adapter seemed to lock in.
  58. bruniss

    Help! My Nexus7 crashes Windows Explorer as soon as I connect to my PC!

    Hi ppl! I've being posting this issue in several other forums and had no response. I hope some of you guys can help me. Here's the thing: For the past few weeks I've being experiencing several issues with my Nexus 7 (2012) that I've never had before. When I plug the tablet to the PC it...
  59. steamywildwood

    HELP Camera on Nexus 7 FHD wont work

    Ok, I know that the camera isn't something I would use regularly on a tablet but it still bothers me that it isn't working. So i got this tablet brand new from for Festivus, worked great out of the box and still is working great in every way besides the camera. And when I say wont work...
  60. M

    Trying to choose a new tablet.

    As the topic says. Basically, I've been having some trouble with my 2012 Nexus 7 as of late- the headphone jack doesn't want to work correctly. Sometimes it's fine, at others, I get mono-sound from one ear on my headphones. Or it's real quiet. Either way, it's annoying to try and adjust...