New to Google world with Samsung Tab A (SM-T280). Have an issue with video downloads.....


Nov 9, 2016
My daughter was given one as a gift. We also have a Nexus 7 for our son. We downloaded some Sesame Street episodes on the Nexus and wanted to put some on the Tab A.

I had no real issues accessing our Google account to load purchased videos on the Nexus. I ran into an issue with the Tab.

When I hit the down arrow to start downloading, I get a message at the top of the tablet saying the video is being downloaded but then nothing happens. And the video is nowhere on the tablet. I had downloaded one Sesame episode previously with no issue but then removed it from the tablet. Now for some reason I can't download the episode back onto the tablet.

Is space on the 8G tablet the issue? Based on research, it seems it might be tough to have the SD card be the default drive and load the video onto it.

Any guidance? Thanks.