Quality gaming laptop display?


Sep 12, 2009
Here's the deal, I'm looking for a gaming laptop with an amazing display. Price is NOT a factor, my current machine is a Clevo x7200, I paid $4,000 for it but it has a garbage screen. (You don't always get what you pay for). I love the pixel density of the macbook retina display (220 for the 15" & 227 for the 13") with its 2880x1800 resolution. I want as close to that as I can get. Must be an IPS screen. If I could simply rob the retina display and put it in something else I would, haha. I don't think I'm asking for much here, if I pay $3k for a laptop I'd like a quality screen, that's all I'm asking. You wouldn't build a bleeding edge gaming desktop and run it on a 90's CRT would you. Any ideas?

Max Collodi

Feb 24, 2010
I believe there are plans to release several laptops with higher resolution screens sometime this year. I don't know if these will be accompanied by more powerful GPU's to prevent lower graphics performance which may be an issue with gaming. You could check the news from CES to see what is upcoming in this area.