Question question on roku hookup

Feb 9, 2019
Trying to install a roku express plus thru older receiver without HDMI. All other stereo components i.e. DVD, cable box etc. run thru receiver using component cables, optical cables etc. The older TV only has one HDMI which is not used. Is there any way to get HD video and sound. I can connect the ROKU to the HDMI port and get the video but receive no sound. I can also connect the ROKU to my TV's input 4 using the ROKU composite cables and receive sound but not HD picture. Any possible way to receive HD picture with sound?
Check the Roku menu to see if you can get it to output HDMI for video and analog audio at the same time. I suspect it won't.
The work around is to use a HDMI audio extractor or HDMI input selector with audio extraction. If you get the input selector you can connect all your HDMI sources to that and use the optical output for the receiver. Simpler switching and better picture quality than using component video.