Questions about partitions and resolutions, etc for laptop.



Hi. I have an Toshiba Stellite A350D - BA3 (PSALEC-BA3004). I had some questions, but this may apply to many other laptops.

1. I am trying to re-merge the partitions on my laptops hard-drive. How can I do that? I already made a back-up of the partition that came with the laptop. The dvd back-up works (I already tried it). Would the back-up re-install the partitions? When I insterted the dvd, it said it will re-merge the partitions, but there is one hidden partition in the front, then the drive I use and can see, then another hidden partition with nothing on it where the original back-up was. I want 1 full drive, or 1 partition in front for Toshiba/OS files and one complete partition I can use. Does anyone know if there is any 3rd party software that is really reliable to re-merge partitions?

2. Can I change the hard-drive to make it larger/faster, or insert a SSD drive and sucessfully re-install the OS that came with this laptop? Or is the OS OEM'd and limited to this model?

3. When I connect my laptop to my desktop monitor, it is through the RGB. The resolution of the screen is less than the laptop and the full potential of the screen. Is there any reason for this? Could it be my monitor, or the laptop through RGB limitations? Would a RGB to DVI adaptor fix that? This desktop monitor has DVI and RGB connections. Apparently the laptop should be able to give way better resolutions than the laptop screen when connected to an external monitor.

4. Do I need to have AHCI mode enabled in the Bios for the eSATA port or an eSATA expansion card to work? On my desktop motherboard I need AHCI, it is an Asus motherboard, I know it is not a Toshiba product like my laptop. I just havn't tried an eSATA external drive, and assume it should work as is. But I don't want to buy an eSATA drive, and have trouble.

5. On this model do the usb ports, esata, card-reader, and expansion card ports have seperate controllers or are they shared?

I tried using the Toshiba forums, but no responses. I called Toshiba, but the laptop was registered before I purchased it and the warrenty is out of date now. I don't know if laptops have to be registered at the store when they are plugged in, or if someone may have gotten a hold of this laptop before I did.

Thank you.


Also, does anyone know if the usb2, usb/eSATA, card reader, firewire and expansion card slots have seperate or shared controllers for maximum transfer rate?
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