Questions about the new Razer Blade


Jan 10, 2012
Hey guys,
I'm thinking about getting a new Blade 14 instead of the MBP which I had been waiting a month for but would cost me £2k.
A few questions about the blade:

Is the trackpad any good? I know you can use a magic trackpad with a Windows machine but I've been spoilt by Mac trackpads in the past..

4k v HD? The new blade with a 1060 chip should be able to run decently at 4k. However, from my own experience I know that Windows scaling is still awful and has been since Win8, but the HD screen has a matte coating. Can anyone advise which would be better for gaming/watching movies? (I never use touchscreens on laptops so it's just the panel I want to know about)

Finally, is there any way I can get my hands on one in the next week in the US? I've seen the amazon page is up but it's only for the FHD model, and I'm not sure whether it will actually ship November 1st. I live in the UK but it would be a lot more convienient to get it here, as the UK prices are stupid (£2049, which is $2700, instead of the $2100 it should be for the 256/qhd).. I could get family to ship it over but don't want it to get broken in shipping... (I am in NYC and Boston for the next week)


Sep 10, 2006
Guess this is a late reply. I'm looking at the same thing. Not going to consider the 4K screen as even my PC's 1080 cannot run some of the newer games at 4K and max detail, much less a 1060. Windows 10 scaling have gotten much better but still, nothing compares to native res. Matte screen would be fine for a laptop as the reason you get a laptop is that you will be using it in all kinds of different environment so you want a screen that would work anywhere.

Do be aware that you'll see laptops with 1060 as low as $1000 by next spring (April) so unless you need one NOW, Might want to wait a bit.