Random link from a friend?


Feb 22, 2015
Now I know that I shouldn't have clicked this link and I tell people all the time not to, but we all make mistakes :p

So I got sent this link (I'll De-link it) http://www. baidu. com/link?url=AwXZfz5BqFBNJzppTiWMhpQtlDsNCZcZ9Xkf07q5EOy#18123=curious564
Without the spaces and then as soon as I realized (about 2 milliseconds) what it was and I spam closed firefox as soon as it opened. I searched it all up and it's apparently a Chinese web service?
The scary part is it has my skypes username so I've no idea how it got it. Just wondering if I need to do a little more searching in files apart from looking event viewer for anything.