Question Random words or old searches appearing on my cursor - is it a virus?

Feb 11, 2019
Hi there - I've noticed that whne I scan around with my mouse from my mac book pro lap top - (track pad mouse) that words from previous searches randomly pop up.....or it may just say a friends name from Facebook's really odd. It doesn't only happen when I scan across the tab which one might expect - it happens randomly wherever on the screen and sometimes MONTHS past when I did the original search. Here's an example.....oh I can't seem to insert image from my desktop. It's basically a floating white text box. Any ideas?


Jan 21, 2016
A reinstall will certainly tell you if it is a software or hardware problem I.e., if a reinstall fixes the issue then it was software related, if not then you have a hardware issue.

Before jumping into that though, I am wondering if this might be the "Lookup and data detectors" setting... and I say that somewhat hesitantly as I have very little experience with MAC to be honest.

Worth a shot though IMO so if you wanna give it a whirl:

System Preferences - > Trackpad - > Point and click - > Uncheck Lookup and data detectors.

Crossing my fingers for you whilst I also possibly clutch at straws... a screenshot of the problem would be handy
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