A lot of weird activity and google searches


Mar 8, 2017
So I came back to my computer and something was off. A different tab was open then the one I left, steam was closed as well, including a game I was running, and two items (one being a copy of the first) were downloaded from some website called klamericas, but that website was not in my history.
What was in my history as a weird list of google searches like "add virus", "redirected virus chrome", "virus scan", "virus", "virus.bat", "start virus.bat", and
"Netcraft". Websites were visited like Chrome help and Microsoft support asking how to add an exclusion to Windows Defender, as well as websites called "trendmirco", "kaspersky" were you can download antivirus software. It scanned a url VirusTotal, but I can't seem to find that url in my history anymore, it also scanned a text document called console_history from the Stellaris folder and the ck2.exe. Also it visited a website called Netcraft, and h4ck.nl. This all happened within 10 minutes.

Also on the home page for Chrome where it has 8 boxes that link to websites you go on often has been cleared.


Nov 2, 2017

It seems like a remote control program to me. They often don't get detected as malware and if your security program didn't detect anything, then I imagine that no one was intending to infect you.

Maybe someone was messing with you for fun? Do you have any tech savvy friends or anything like that? Because no matter how you look at it, it's like someone else had access to your computer. Locally, or remotely.