Raspberry Pi Laptop


Apr 22, 2016
A buddy of mine wants to have a Raspberry Pi to fool around with. He also wants to get rid of this old laptop that he has and I suggested that we put the Pi in the laptop. He told me that if it's did it for him I could keep the internals of the laptop (Yes! Some ram and a HDD). I did some research and found out that I can use the LCD for sure with this LVDS adapter thing. Now I'm wondering about how to use the keyboard and track pad with the Pi. Is there some adapter similar to the LVDS adapter for the keyboard and track pad? This is the one part that I'm lost on. Also this is a project that is going to happen, I don't want replies saying to just buy a new laptop or build something else or get a Pi-Top. Any advice and help would be great. Thanks in advance!