Solved! Razer Blade Stealth + Samsung 960 Pro 2 TB

Umair Shariff

Apr 26, 2013
Hey everyone, I've been looking for a laptop for residency and have eventually landed on the Razer Blade Stealth 13.3 inch version featuring the new quad core CPU. My primary purpose is to read tons and tons of books and minor gaming/movies on the side is a fair assumption of the laptop's usage.

Just my current book collection amounts to 400 GB which is ever expanding. Among all the websites I've visited, never have i ever seen someone throw in a 2TB 960 Pro into this laptop.

I would appreciate some input on this idea and opinions on whether it's a good idea to do this.
i think the main reason you haven't seen anyone with the 2TB version of this is because it costs close to $2000.00. other then that there should not be any reason why a 2TB SSD drive would not work in that laptop.