razer blade stealth for cs go and school?


Oct 17, 2012
hello, so currently for school i have this laptop http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834152739 now, the power of the computer is absolutely perfect for my needs, gtx 960m handles everything i need, the i7 is plenty power. but the mobility isnt worth crap, being 17 inches, kinda obnoxiously thick where it barely fits in my oversized bookbag, and the battery only lasts 2 hours. so im looking for something that can solve those problems, and ive come across razers lineup. In a perfect world I would go for the razer blade, good battery life it has the i7, 970m which would be enough to cover even my gaming needs on my desktop, but im hesitant at the price point and with the possibility of a pascal refresh coming up. so now ive turned to the razer stealth, mainly the only games i play are CS:GO and starcraft 2, both of which arent demanding games, but i would really like to be able to play competitive on cs go without the gameplay being affected by having integrated graphics. Ive seen some videos of people playing cs go on it with decent frames, but they were playing the game for the first time, and the fps can only be half of the story whether it was actually playable. does anyone have any experience with the stealth and how it can handle cs go? im not really worried about starcraft as integrated graphics has been able to handle that game for ages now. im also worried about how long that dual core i7 can be effective. but that 8 hour battery life seems amazing to me which is very important while im at school, and then if i ever need to game heavily i have my desktop. what do you guys think?

or i can get a macbook pro


Jan 27, 2012
I still use a celeron with windows XP on it for classwork because it is so light and if it gets run over, i'd laugh.

For school i'd get the cheapest, lightest laptop i could find. You don't really need it for anything other than typing on and internet. Battery life becomes less of an issue when it doesn't have any power.

And in my experience, and the staggering number of posts on toms regarding it; laptops break, especially at school.