Question Razer Blade 15 not working

Mar 24, 2022
I recently bought a Razer Blade 15 (2021 edition) with a i7 and RTX 3080 off of Ebay (the seller is a physical company that sells refurbished stuff that’s tested, already contacted them about this)
I received it today and was shocked to see it did not boot up normally. Every time I open it it shows the razer logo and a loading icon for like 4 seconds, then the screen turns black but the laptop is still on (keyboard lit and fans on). I tried reinstalling windows. After I connected the windows media stick I managed to get into windows and saw that it lacks some stuff, like half the memory (it only shows 500gb), no internet adapter and no video card. I tought thats weird. I tried resetting the laptop but the problem persisted. Furthermore, if I leave it for an hour or so then the problem with the black screen appears again, and I have to insert the multi media stick.
If someone can help me . Already contacted razer and the ebay seller ab this, expecting a response