Question Razer kraken or Hyperx cloud flight?

Which one should i get, Hyperx cloud flight or Razer kraken

  • Hyperx cloud flight

  • razer kraken

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Nov 22, 2020
I've been stuck with this question for a while since some of the reviews I watch say that the headphones are good but the some others say that its bad.
I'd appreciate it if someone helps me out, which one should I get of those headphones and why?


Only way you will find out which of those you like better is by trying both (or any of the other 20 headsets out there). Since you already looked at reviews of them, cross your fingers and order one, or both and sell the one you don't like as much. Without trying them out yourself it's like ordering food based on what others think, you may get 20 people telling you to try the fish that it's amazing but what if you don't like fish? Only thing you will get from more questions is more different opinions you already have.
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