Razor Blackshark or save and Sennheiser pc 363D


Jan 17, 2016
Hello everyone i am wondering if i should go for the razorblackshark stereo headset four about 140-160 euro's that doesn't have noice cancelling,7.1 surround and has leather ears which generally makes my ears sweat.
Or should i save up for about 2-3 weeks for the sennheiser Pc 363D that has 7.1 surround,fabric ears and noise canceling, i believe the pc 363D does work with 7.1 surround since it has that small dolby amp. Also should i maybe go for the sennheiser game one instead?
sorry for possible mistakes in my typing and thanks for anny reply


depends on what you want/expect in terms of sound.

game zero or pc363d (very similar and based on same product lines) are bass light. comparable to ad1 and adg1 headsets.

game one is based on the hd598 so is more neutral

both are open so will leak sound in/out a bit. by noise cancelling i'm guessing you meant the mic?

i would trust something from a headphone company before a gaming headset any day of the week. i'm not saying you will hate the blackshark but you often get better quality of sound from non-gaming companies.
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