Ready to Aim A Missile Towards Microsoft's HQ

Jul 29, 2018
I rarely use the HP Laptop because it runs Windows 8. I'd love to upgrade it, but I can't get the danged thing started. I updated the virus definitions, and I was in the process of a Windows 8 system maintenance update, but the update got stuck, no activity, or progress. I removed the battery, and now I can't boot this garbage. When I press the power button, at the bottom of the screen, I see, "press ESC for boot options," and the screen goes blank again. I tried resetting it with the power, cordless mouse, and Ethernet unplugged. With the battery removed, I pressed the power button for about 20 - 30 seconds, but that did nothing. Is the next step removing RAM?
Yes, if I could find it. LOL


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