Rebuilding House, Any suggestions on how to rewire it?

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Lost my house in a lightning/fire strike from April's Texas storms and having to rebuild my home. Can I draw on you guys advise on what tips you have for rewiring,networking the home and for a media room now that i starting from scratch? Much thanks!!!


Dec 27, 2015
I'm sorry to hear about your home. I don't have much knowledge of actually rewiring a house but I have this suggestion:

If you don't want to completely rewire new network cables through the wall, you can use Powerline. It's a very good way of having internet in a different room.

You basically have one adapter plugged into your router and into a wall socket and then the other one in your Media Room. It has an ethernet slot on the other one and the internet LAN can go through the wall at speeds that allow you to stream perfectly.

Here is an example

Hope this helps

- Sam

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Feb 2, 2012
It all depends on your current needs and what you are expecting to want to do down the road. My friends that took the time to plan wiring for their new construction ran wiring terminating in a closet in his office (patch panel to switch):

gigabit CAT6 wiring to every room, specifically to areas conducive to a desks and wall-mounting sites for televisions
dual 110 power outlets on every wall (in some places 2 sets - retro'd some including the kitchen, the living room and bedrooms with USB power available)
wireless router and modem are in a wall-mounted network rack in his closet with cooling system
2 wireless access points to create a signal umbrella for full bar signal in all areas of the house including the basement and back deck
speaker cabling to ceiling mounted speakers in his office, master bedroom, living room, kitchen, back deck connected to a receiver in that closet

Just a couple of recommendations based on what I has seen work well


Feb 29, 2016

Definitely second this. There is no way to predict what will be needed in 10-20 tears.
Even sooner, lets say yo wish to isolate your PC and put it in a closet and connecting it through optical Thunderbolt.
So either conduit or put 5 fibers there just in case ::)))


Jun 4, 2016
Ok somthing most people don't think of thats 12v lights with a solar cell on the roof to charge your 12v battery so when your power goes out in a storm you still have lights I have purchased marine lights as these are stainless durable and perfect for 12volts theis way when your power goes off you have lights along with your massive UPS to keep your puters safe and running I have one usp that will run for an hour without power. beats taking the laptop out to the car in the rain. Plus you can also save on your power bill green energy. Now if you use led lights your best of with single switches rather than dual switching as with dual switching you need some device to make the light work properly with dual switching this is with your normal elect supply You have 110v over your way I guess,for your internet you probably want your phone line going straight to your media room then network cable to the parts of the house you want the internet. you will also need to run your phone in with this as well and music is simple jacks in the with thespeeaker cable inside the wall to keep it tidy I understand a gold type of speaker wire is the best and with your amp make sure you have a remote.I got my computer hooked up through my 1985 stero cables everywhere and plenty of power points and some have a small red light omn the powerpoint switch these are handy for seeing when your power is on just at a glance from a distance and will get you in the mode for switching them off when your not using them. Now for 12v power those mini-max car starter things would be excellent for storing power in a flush cupboard in your wall cavity bit like a medicine cupboard. and you could fit a heap in a very small space I don't know enough about the to know if you have to keep them away from concrete like a car battery because the alkaline nutralises the battery acid then there is the question of heat how hot do those mini-max's get does the cupboard need ventilation or an open shelf look with neat wiring showing off your setup. So many times I lost power when an ebay i wanted was coming up. My wife is ill so when the power goes off she just panics and stands where she is till i get home or find a light for her its so annoying to think I can just have a marine switch on the wall to control 12v lights. Also if your desperate you can plug your car into the circuit if your house battery power is low and you can also charge the battery in your car if you hook it up to the circuit. Yes I've thought about this for a while and if I was rebuilding my house it would be so different to the way it is now living here I now know what I need as do you. so go for it.
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