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  1. 6sultan9

    Solved! crossover rebuild cerwin vega

    Cerwin vega vs150 crossover rebuild..i bought them at circuit city new and was wandering if its time to rebuild the crossovers?they are close to 25 years old ..loosing fidelity it seems..
  2. J

    Laptop Battery Rebuild - Partial Succes, laptop shuts down even if battery is still charged

    Hello. I have an 12-14 year old laptop laying around, and I decided to rebuild it's bettery (like here) At first, I thought the whole thing was a succes, as the old battery was completely dead, and after I have replaced the cells (with some other cells from a used battery, but still...
  3. S

    Daily BITS popup window after restoring WMI won't go away

    After System Mechanic decided to corrupt my WMI, I had to rebuild it with some online program. Ever since, however, I get a daily, usually right after booting up, Command Prompt-window, that downloads some mysterious numbers.exe files - a new one each time. None of them can be googled. Sometimes...
  4. J

    Touchpad removal question for wooden laptop

    First- background: OK, here's an interesting project. I am trying to build a wooden laptop! Balsa wood to be exact. Now, I have little hardware experience. It's just that my old MSI netbooks - a u135DX by name with single core atom n455 - broke. Well, the case has cracked and one of the screen...
  5. D

    Looking to upgrade laptop

    Soooo... i just got a Gateway NE51B18u. I do alot of audio editing and recording which ik takes a lot of ram and i learned this laptop isnt too great for that.. sooooo, i wanna rip out watever it is i need to and replace wit better stuff... also, a better picture would be nice.... can u tell me...
  6. G

    Rebuilding House, Any suggestions on how to rewire it?

    Lost my house in a lightning/fire strike from April's Texas storms and having to rebuild my home. Can I draw on you guys advise on what tips you have for rewiring,networking the home and for a media room now that i starting from scratch? Much thanks!!!
  7. tomsguideUS

    How to Make a Clan in Clash of Clans

    Clash of Clans is a strategy game in which you have to defend your village from intruders as well as attack others to win. Making your own clan and taking a leadership role will enhance the game. Here’s how to make a clan in Clash of Clans. Steps: 1. You have to rebuild the clan castle to make...
  8. tiyoo

    is it possible to rebuild an old laptop with new parts

    So I was digging through my stuff because I am moving soon and ran across an old IBM 380 laptop. I am wondering what kind of knowledge it would take to gut it abd put new parts in this even possible? Im just wondering if it means there is more room which could mean better and bigger...
  9. K

    Why is this issue occuring? (Flashing light after drastic rebuild)

    I recently combined the parts from 2 different laptops, a Toshiba Satellite L655, and a R845. I'm using the body and screen from the L655, and the motherboard and complete insides of the R845. Everything moved over fine, but the laptops (as well as the screens) were two different sizes. It now...
  10. 4

    laptop rebuilding suggestions?? please

    Hi, Ive been a pc gamer all my life, but I never quite had the money to get a good computer. Well finally I have some spare money (approx. $450 give or take) and I want to hopefully upgrade my laptop for gaming. I dont want "the best thing ever" I just want good enough for games like Skyrim...
  11. T

    Dell Inspiron 1525 PP29L Rebuild

    Hey Guys, My old Insperion 1525 Model PP29L has been preforming badly since I upgraded to 64 bit Windows 7, about a year or two ago. I found It might be that it only has a hilarious 2GB of RAM, and has no Dedicated Graphics Card, paired with the RAM sucking 64bit OS. My Idea is to...
  12. T

    can i use the amplifier out of a pioneer cld-s201 cd player

    Info on using the amp out of a pioneer cld-s201 laser disc player it has a 40 watt amplifier built in any info on this will be graitfuly appreciated thanks
  13. K

    I want to rebuild my laptop.

    I have an Acer Aspire 5733Z. It is old and falling apart. Almost none of the ports work, only one usb port will half way work and the ethernet port doesn't work either. When I first bought thiss, I was slightly ignorant to technical knowledge and was disappointed when I tried to play a video...
  14. E

    Laptop Battery rebuild

    Hello, I have a Li-polymer battery pack 11.1v 3800mAh 42.18 model no: w860bat3 battery can it be rebuilt?
  15. E

    Laptop Battery rebuild

    Hello, I have a Li-polymer battery pack 11.1v 3800mAh 42.18 model no: w860bat3 battery can it be rebuilt?
  16. exfileme

    Hulu, MSN Track Users With "Supercookies"

    Supercookies will rebuild your profile even after a normal cookie is deleted. Hulu, MSN Track Users With "Supercookies" : Read more
  17. T

    Tivo Series 2 TCD240080A

    Hello, I recently discovered there are places that will rebuild, add drive space, physical drives, all sorts of parts but an 80 dollar Tivo can end up costing more than the newest Tivo out there. Why not just buy an old, but still new, to me, in the box, Tivo Series 2 TCD240080A, for next to...
  18. B

    Need help with Nero, and my sanity

    When I was doing my rebuild I saved all my photos using Nero. I have completed said rebuild and when I insert a disk with a bunch of photos on it and go to open them it chooses Nero to open the files...seeps appropriate. Except that when I use Nero's file browser to locate the files on the...
  19. G

    best laptops to fix/repair/rebuild

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Hi: I know it's avery general question, but what would be the best brand of laptops to repair or rebuild, in terms of simplicity and availability of parts, as wells as sources of references (like this board). I have collected a list from...
  20. G

    iPAQ Rebuild after ROM upgrade

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi folks, I've done this before but memory is not snapping too well tonight... I've just downloaded the new ROM update for my 5555. I have a current backup file (as of this afternoon). Can I run Restore from ActiveSync after the...