Need help with Nero, and my sanity


Apr 8, 2009
When I was doing my rebuild I saved all my photos using Nero. I have completed said rebuild and when I insert a disk with a bunch of photos on it and go to open them it chooses Nero to open the files...seeps appropriate.

Except that when I use Nero's file browser to locate the files on the disk, no files show up because the browser is looking for .nbi files and the files were saved as .nco files. I use the drop down menu to make the browser look for *all files* and the .nco files show up. Double click on one and the (deep breath, remaining calm) gosh darn program says

"You are trying to restore "Nero BackItUp Compressed File". This file can be restored by selecting the corresponding backup information file (*.nbi) or directly by double clicking in Windows Explorer."

Why did it save it as a.nco file and now tell me it only wants to do .nbi files? I tried using WinZip to open them and I can get that to work one at a time, but even then I cant save the picture, it just opens it in a MS photoviewer window.

Any help is appreciated and will keep me from a padded room and a jacket without sleeves.