receiver stereo on off button not working.


Jan 14, 2015
Hi I have a vintage Yamaha R300 receiver. The problem I'm having is with the stereo/mono button. When it's pushed to mono the sound comes out as it should, when pushed to stereo it works for awhile, then the right speaker cuts out. I noticed when it's like this the left speaker tends to go in and out really far when I turn the volume up and down, pushing alot of air out of the port. But the right speaker just buzzes. Also when I push the button back to mono, then to stereo, it fixes it for bit then goes back. I've ruled out the turntable as it does it with the tuner aswel.And it's not the speakers because everything works fine with my other receiver. I also trI'd changing the wires to a different chanel same. Could you help? thx Nic
The switch itself could be the problem. They get dirty and corroded over time especially if you don't use them. Try operating the switch with the receiver off 30 or 40 times. This might clean the contacts in the switch. Otherwise you can sometimes clean the switch with correct contact cleaner if you can get to it from the inside (some are sealed so you would have to drill a tine hole). Hard to get a replacement switch for a lot of receivers.