Recover Data - Motorola Droid Ultra

Jul 15, 2018
The screen on my Motorola Droid Ultra broke (no visual, no touch that I can figure). It has a numeric lock screen (I know the code still) and although I have a computer that has connected to it previously, without unlocking it it will not show up in My Computer.

My primary goal is to be able to pull out Color Note memos and browser tabs/bookmarks for two or three browsers. Having it working would be neat but not required.

I envision this being done by fixing the phone (new screen) or some program that can have my computer serve as screen and input for the hardware.

USB debugging is off - probably because it broke Pokemon Go. SIM removed and disabled (been working on this off-and-on for over a year, at this point I am just stubborn and wanting to learn).

I tried replacing the screen, or rather, pulling out of board and putting it into a different Droid Ultra (same phone, different screen/digitizer and case). It did not work. I opened it up and tried reconnecting, still nothing. When plugged in as one does to charge it intermittently vibrates, which according to the internet seems to mean there is no screen connected. There is.

I have a pigtail USB, microUSB male, micro usb female, and with all that plugged in to the phone, computer (via charger/phone cord), and a keyboard the keyboard does not light up (capslock, num lock) but the phone starts the occasional buzzing for (what I assume is) the screen "unplugged". Not entirely sure how to know is phone is on or off, or if it will turn on at all with the screen "not connected" as it seems to think.

I so want to just be able to pull out the keyboard and plug it in like I can do with real computers. >.<

Any ideas?