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    Solved! Transfer photos from flip phone to Droid via Bluetooth

    "Trying to transfer photos from an old flip phone, Samsung sch-r430 (alltel) to a new Motorola Droid. Have tried Bluetooth. Both phones recognize each other. Can even send photos from the new Motorola to the old flip phone.. but when trying the other way, I have to back out of the Bluetooth menu...
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    Solved! Do images stay on sad card even after an droid phone is rest

    I forgot the password on my phone and now I had to restart it. I have my pictures in my sad card and I want to restart my phone. Will I loose my pictures???
  3. A

    Does an unlocked moto z force droid XT1650-02 will work in Canada ?

    I would use this cellphone in Canada but I need to buy it in the USA. Help me please
  4. L

    How to retrieve my photos that I accidentally deleted in my gallery on my Droid turbo

    I accidentally deleted my photos in my gallery on my Droid turbo Motorola phone. How can I get them back
  5. S

    Recover Data - Motorola Droid Ultra

    The screen on my Motorola Droid Ultra broke (no visual, no touch that I can figure). It has a numeric lock screen (I know the code still) and although I have a computer that has connected to it previously, without unlocking it it will not show up in My Computer. My primary goal is to be able...
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    Motorola Droid 2 Turbo phone APN codes for Straight Talk

    Droid turbo 2 my service contract ended with Verizon. I bought the 4G LTE straight talk with Sim card. I need to change my APN codes. I asked Like alot of us do yeah I lazy but I try to change network Carrier to I can only change APN :ACCT.TF.GW6.VZWENTP Ph software version is 7.0...
  7. K

    Solved! I need a plain ap for remote on tv for my droid

    I need a ap that's a remote for my tv the kids lost from my droid that don't cost
  8. E

    Droid Maxx 2 broken :(

    Long story short, my touch screen doesn't respond to any of my commands a la freezing from time to time. When I try to open up an app, it automatically closes and vibrates. On some occasions, it vibrates for a period of time until it stops. (not a phone call from someone) Furthermore, I tried to...
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    Lost my Droid Turbo to water damage. Lost my boom beach

    Lost my Droid Turbo to water damage, so I've lost boom Beach. I now have a Google Pixel and I'd like to reload my hard-earned game. How do I do that? Help!
  10. D

    Motorola sim puk

    Need sim puk. Motorola droid turbo on straight talk service
  11. B

    Can I take my Verizon Motorola Razor SD card into my new phone to access files? And is it possible to recover deleted mags & p

    Can I use my Motorola Droid SD card in a new phone and access all pics and files? Is it possible to also recover deleted pictures and/or messages?
  12. M

    How do you turn video calls on for straight talk droid turbo?

    I have already turned it to on position on my phone, but still can't make video calls
  13. G

    having trouble trying to retrieve the data from my broken Droid Turbo

    The screen is broken on my phone and I am trying to retrieve the data from within it by connecting it to my computer via USB. My computer detects my phone as "android" under Devices and Printers and does not show under Computers in the file explorer. I don't plan on replacing the screen but...
  14. K

    Camera not working on Droid turbo 2

    My camera and flashlight stop working on my Droid turbo 2. It states camera busy and unable to start. I turned it off and back on, nothing. Deleted camera cache and data, nothing. Soft and hard reset, nothing. Tried to download a camera fix program and could not. Anyone have this issue and got...
  15. R

    Solved! picture recovery for droid turbo

    okay so i broke my droid turbos charging jack due to which the lcd has also been affected. is there anyway i can recover my pictures since its completely dead and wont even connect to a laptop or anything. please help
  16. D

    Moro droid Verizon

    Can I use my Verizon Moto droid with straight talk
  17. M

    how to unlock a droid charge

    how do I unlock a Verizon droid charge so I can use it on prepaid. It was my husbands phone and I would like to use but he didn't pay the bill before he died and I couldn't.
  18. B

    Lost my droid turbo 2. Battery is dead now. How can i find it?

    Tried find phone with google but since it is now off didnt find it
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    droid 2 on straight talk

    Need to put droid 2 on straightalk
  20. A

    How can I disable the double tap zoom on my Droid phone

    I have a Droid phone and when I'm playing a game it seems in and out by itself need to stop at don't know how
  21. J

    How to move gallery pictures to SD card on phone

    I need help with saving gallery pictures to SD card on my droid maxx2 phone
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    my droid phone is broken, how can i recover my saves pictures from the SD card?

    my droid phone is broken, how can i recover my saves pictures from the SD card?
  23. N

    how do I move my photos on my Droid to my SD card on my Android phone

    how do I move my photos on my drive on my Android phone to my SD card
  24. I

    I have a verizon droid maxx but i have service with metro pcs. Will my sim card work on their phone? Its already factory unloc

    Will my metro sim card work for a verzion droid maxx and if so how? It says unknown sim card but the phone is factory unlocked. .
  25. MnMWizard

    Any way to force install 6.0 Marshmallow on an old Android?

    I have an old Droid Razr M and it is running android 4.4. I was wanting to use it for a music player/drone remote/etc., but I want to upgrade it to a newer version of android for obvious reasons. Is there any way I could force install a new version of android (preferably 6.0), even though it...
  26. K

    Buzzing Wont Turn On

    My Droid Maxx is buzzing and it wont turn on, and when i try holding the power button and the volume down in the same time for 30 seconds, it stops, but nothing else, im not sure if it is the fact that i dropped it in the pool for 5 seconds, or that i left it outside for 5 hours (90 degrees...
  27. V

    How do I move stuff to my SD card I have a razor droid what app do I need to download

    Need to move games an pictures to SD card to free up space don't know do I need to download a file manager or a move SD card app
  28. M

    Can I use my waterproof phone in the water?

    I recently got a new droid turbo and am contemplating buying a waterproof case like this one: http://www.lifeproof.com/en-us/droid-turbo/fre-for-droid-turbo-case/lpfr-moto-drd-turbo.html It would be cool if I could use it in the pool or shower or just be kinda careless with it. Could I submerge...
  29. B

    and droid phone

    upgrade android to 5.0
  30. H

    Why am I having so much trouble switching to straight talk? They keep sending me wrong sim card for !my phone which is a droid

    I have called customer service 3 times and been to walmart 3 times about to give up and go back to Verizon
  31. M

    Droid maxx cdma straight talk?

    I have a droid maxx from verizon factory unlocked... works ok striaght talk gsm but would prefer cdma... eveytime I try on st they say my phone isn't compatible at all with the byop program... yet I have it working on a At&t sim hspa+ all works but pictures messeges... its a verizon cdma...
  32. V

    SIM Unlock PIN for Droid 3

    I cant find out the pin code to unlock the sim when I put it in the back of my Droid 3 phone. Please Help...URGENT!!!
  33. D

    how can i retrieve deleted voice mail messages on droid maxx

    Accidently deleted an important message on voicemail that doesn't show up as a missed call, how do I retrieve it (if possible)
  34. M

    my droid bionic is stuck on the second red circle

    hello can someone help me my droid bionic is stuck on the second red circle and it stays there any help would be greatful thank you mindy
  35. E

    I lost my s4 and only got imei number. can someone please help me.. :(

    I tried going to wheres my droid and all but no use. lastly i went to goggle dashboard. It stated last online on 6 Feb and maxis. I went to police station to report however it's not much help.
  36. W

    Could i use a droid dna on straight talk?

    I saw on amazon that they said no but here it said as long as it's unlocked I could. Just wondering.
  37. M

    Can I use a pre-paid plan with a Droid Turbo?

    Will it work?
  38. valentinalucia

    Motorola Droid Turbo Specs vs iPhone 6, Galaxy S5, Nexus 6

    Motorola finally released the Droid Turbo for Verizon, boasting a 48-hour battery life and a 21MP camera - but how do its specs stack up? Motorola Droid Turbo Specs vs iPhone 6, Galaxy S5, Nexus 6 : Read more
  39. A

    Droid Mini Verizon Sim Card Question Please Help..

    I purchased a Droid Mini from an everyday "Joe" and realized after purchasing this item that it was actually on on active account with Verizon.. "joe" ran up a huge bill and it is do to be paid on September 29th... Someone told me that if I take the sim card out that has his info on it that I...
  40. K

    How can I get data off a DROID RAZR MAXX that has a broken screen?

    I currently have DROID RAZR MAXX that has a cracked screen, meaning no display or touch capabilities. However, there are photos and other data I would like to retrieve from the phone before I get a new one. I tried connecting the phone to the computer, but all that did was install MotoCast...
  41. P

    how to fix a Motorola droid x2 that won't charge or turn on?

    It won't charge when it's plugged in. And it doesn't show any sign of charging. And it won't turn on after I left it on charge for a little bit. And I don't know what else to do.
  42. X

    Syncing call history/texts between droid/iphone frequently

    Hey guys. So i've got an odd situation. I have my iPhone which ive had since the first one. But ive also picked up a nice android phone lately that id like to use sometimes. Im looking for a software solution that would basically let me use the phones interchangeably. Use my iPhone for a few...
  43. R

    The death of Physical Keyboards, and what I should do about it.

    So the time has come for an upgrade. I'll be trading in my trusty Motorola Droid 4 for a new phone... Trouble is, I've always vowed that I'll never give up the physical keyboard. There are just so many benefits to having a physical keyboard that it makes my head spin. It's not just about ease...
  44. C

    Droid Razor xt912 verizon

    I need to have any and all unlocks available please for my Android razor xt912 thanks guys Has bad imei and need service badly
  45. H

    Reset a Dead Droid Razr

    My charging port went out, and unfortunately, I wasn't smart enough to default it before the battery died. I want to sell it, but I need to default it, and the only way I know requires the phone to be on. Is there anyway to default it with the phone off? I doubt this, but any help is appreciated.
  46. M

    Droid Maxx Questions

    The time has come for me to get a smartphone, and I was planning on getting the Droid Maxx. However, I am a bit confused about the different models. From what I've seen, there is a 16 gb and 32 gb version of this phone. However, apparently the Verizon store doesnt sell the 32 gb anymore and only...
  47. K

    HTC Dna recover lost files

    Hi please help Today my daughter successfully factory reset my DROID DNA phone and I lost several important recordings as well as all my pictures. The problem I am running into is with the DROID DNA you cannot mount it as a mass storage device so none of the recovery tools I have found so far...
  48. Masamune_Smokey

    Droid Rezound is barely working.

    My phone has been acting up a lot recently, and I really don't have the money to get a replacement. Here's the problems -It takes about 5 hours to charge, then 2 hour to drain the battery. -It will turn off when it reaches 14~8%(usually when the battery meter turns yellow it turns off) As of...
  49. G

    If I take my Verizon Droid Razr Maxx to straight talk which network will it use? AT&T, TMobile or Verizon?

    For a unlocked Droid Razr Maxx Verizon 4g LTE phone. Which network will it run on if switched to straight talk?
  50. ImPrettyIrish

    Need Droid Assistance

    I have the Droid DNA and I am signed into google on it. I think I need to do a factory reset. My question is, is there a way to back up the storage so i dont have to re-download anything? How?
  51. FEAR The Dope

    Is it possible to get Custom Ringtones?

    If so, please explain how to. Been wondering for a few days now, and it has completely stumped me. I have an Droid Ultra, as I know that info will be needed
  52. shoob0x

    Verizon cell phone switching questions

    My dad has an old droid and a samsung galaxy s4. He prefers the droid due to the keyboard, would it be possible to have verizon switch his package back to the other phone and have my service put on the galaxy s4? I don't want a data package though, just talk and text.
  53. L

    I just brought the new Motorola droid from boost, my phone was charging untill it went from 11% to 1% ,it cut of, now it's com

    I just brought the new Motorola droid from boost, my phone was charging untill it went from 11% to 1% ,it cut of, now it's com
  54. I

    my droid razer maxx wont turn on.

    my doid razer maxx wont turn on. I charged it over night. the next morning it was working fine. when i got to school and class began, i turned it off. lunch came a couple hours later, so i went to turn my phone on and it would not turn on. This has never happen before. what is wrong with my phone ?
  55. Z

    what to do if my motorola droid wont turn on

    My motorolla android wont turn on at all and I have tryed everything I could but nothing I need help
  56. B

    like to take my pic off my droid razor an put them on a disk how do i do that please.

    Motorola razor Verizon
  57. H

    how can i take my password off of my droid razor cell phone?

    I want to take off my password off of my droid razor cell phone. Please help!!!
  58. G

    My Motorola Droid 2 Will Not turn on.

    So my dad gave me his old phone. And it has been working fine the past few days. But recently i was using the phone then a black screen came up and i wasn't able to do anything. The phone then automatically turned off for some reason. But now when i try to turn it on the droid symbol goes up...
  59. C

    how do i transfer pictures from my old phone to my new phone?

    I have a droid x2 and i just got a note 3 last night and i have pictures on my old phone that i would like on my new phone and im not sure how to transfer them over i tried to watch a video but the phones were the same so it didnt really help at all can you help?
  60. D

    Saving Data from an Android

    Hey, so my phone's screen broke awhile ago (Droid razr maxx), and I copied the entire file system plus everything on the SD card to my computer, but I didn't root it or run any backup programs or anything before I sent it in to be repaired. The repair took way too long so they're just sending me...