Redmi Note problems

Nov 26, 2018
Dear Sir/Mam,

I, Subodh Kumar wish to inform you that I have purchased Redmi note 5 pro around 5 month ago.

I am continually facing a problem that during the voice call my phone’s ( Earphone) not pick the calls.

It’s a serious problem occurring during my confidential calls. And already changed (Earphone) twice time but as same issue.

I have visited to your designated service centre Sector 14 Gurgaon. but they are just sub-board replace my device with chargeable basis and returning it back after keeping for 1-2 hours.

I have complaint it severally through customer care, designed stores as well as your online complaint site also.

2nd time again created a complaint and deposited and phone’s Main board change and same day returning my phone. And given New IMEI No- 868602037242306. But not rectified my problem, as same issue.

3rd time again complain raised and my phone deposited to Service center. And given time for return 24 hours.

Your service centre people talking very roughly and improper manner they are suggesting me to sit in the store for 24 hrs and whenever facing problem just show them.

This type of suggestion are irritate, improper and impossible also. And your vacant team has called me and not took my problem seriously I said what’s the idea to get a call by you if you are not providing any resolution for the same.

This is really painful and unbelievable service provided by Redmi.

Please replace my phone immediately. it’s very difficult to visit all the time to your service centre and to deposited my phone to the centre for long time.
I trust Redmi that’s why there are 13 Redmi phone users in my family only. Please co operate to maintain this relationship..

Model - Redmi Note 5 Pro

IMEI - removed by Moderator

Invoice – 11-06-2018.

Name - Subodh Kumar

Mob - removed by Moderator

Awaiting yours.

Subodh Kumar


Saga Lout

Olde English
I'm very sorry, subodhk896, but your letter will not reach the manufacturer by posting it here. You need to find their address - e-mail or post - and send it direct.

Someone here might be able to help and I'm going to add the word Redmi in your thread title. I hope you don't mind but it will attract the right folks who can help you.
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