Reel to reel tapes of 1970


Dec 4, 2012
I have a 1970's JVC reel to reel 4 track tape player. The function selection knob does not move. - does not seem broken though. It was suggested that the player may have to be reading a tape before it can be moved. I tried to load a reel, but the player has rubber-like cups on the reel pins that I can't get off. They don't seem to unscrew or pull off. I contacted someone at JVC and the customer service said they needed the model number. I have the box and it has a huge "Model and the number: on it and also the back label of the machine has the word "model" and the same number exactly where customer service said it would be found - however, SHE continues to tell me I do not have the right number.
I saw an old Sony on line - model TC630 and had a chat with Sony that said it was a 1973 model and they don't have instructions for those any more.

Obviously, I need to know how to load the tapes - not as intuitive as it sounds and how to move the selection lever. HELP
You may find that old open reel decks such as yours were internally lubricated and over many years that lubrication has hardened and turned into a solid glue like substance. This is common in some turntables too.
You would have to open the deck, strip and relube it. Not a minor job. Other rubber parts are probably not in great shape either.
If you really want to get this deck working you may need a good technician to go over it and show you how to use it.