Refurbished vs new


May 15, 2014
Hello Tom's' community

I've been trying to find a laptop that's got decent processing good graphics and has enough space to store old junk in it. And I came across this

At a decent price I thought I was set up but then I saw the refurbished note on it and I'm not really sure how or if this would affect at all it's quality and lifespan. So I decided to ask you guys do you think it'd be a risk or It's fine to buy refurbished what's the main difference?

thanks in advance :) :)
I would not put too much stock into a "refurbished" system since servicing usually entails replacing the part in question. Bad board? Swap it out for a new one. Hard drive went bad? They're cheap. Replace it. Too many dead pixels? New screen!

But since it is now a returned item and "open box," they're not able to list it as new. So, in general, as long as you're getting the manufacturer's warranty, I don't think buying refurbished is a bad idea. The only nagging question is what was refurbished? I see this system only gets 3 months warranty from MSI as opposed to 1 - 2 years, so that's a big factor to consider.