Refurbished VS Open Box VS New Laptop


Sep 26, 2012
So im looking for a gaming laptop. Personally i would be ok with a GT 650m but i love the backlit keyboard with thousands of color variations on the MSI GT60 and at the same time i want to keep it in the $1000ish price.

Therefore i could only find cheap GT60/GT70s if i were to buy open box off Newegg

Now i know that i might not get all accessories etc. but heres the thing

Ive owned about 4 walmart desktops and a $550 acer aspire laptop and not once did i use the warranty. One time when my old compaq died i called for customer service and they said it would take months to repair if i sent it in so i just dumped it.

Now if i were to buy an open box or refurbished GT60/GT70 off newegg which one would u recommend, Open box or Refurbished. Also say it died in the first month would i get a refund? And also whats the worst case scenario that could happen to the laptop.
Could the CPU or GPU die and be irreplacable?

Refurbished means it was broken (usually) and fixed, open box is normally "new but opened" or possibly used for a day or two and returned. Refund depends on the policy of where you get it, read that. Worst case, it blows up taking your house and half the city with it because someone used an experimental uranium based CPU in it and it reached critical mass. Anything could die in it and make it a pretty sculpture, not even sure why you need to ask.


Jul 5, 2012
Just my usual little speech on this, and it's based on about 3 years and around 2,000+ repairs as a hardware tech. New or refurb doesn't matter. New units can have issues (where do you think the refurb units come from?) refurb units can issues... What you want to worry about is whether or not the unit works. Who cares about anything else?

hang-the-9 is pretty much spot on with his definitions as well.
Hi :)

I own a Laptop repair company and computer shops...

We are a little different in that WE (me) guarantee everything we sell personally....

But big companies do not....

The trick in your case is to READ the warranty information VERY carefully on each type and whilst reading them, you MUST assume that whichever type you pick has JUST stopped working...

All the best Brett :)