Remove Dell bios password on Studio 1737

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Oct 10, 2016
I bought a Dell Studio 1737 from a pawn shop for cheap because someone spilled a soda on the keyboard in the store. I wasn't able to check it out much due to the damage but it was a good price so I took a gamble. After I got it home I found the only damaged part was the keyboard because the backlit keyboard has this plastic panel that they use to block out stray light. I disconnected it and plugged in a USB keyboard and it booted fine. The OS was win7 (it shipped with vista) and was not legit so I went to wipe it and install a legal copy of windows. it errored out part way in and I thought the old install may be at fault. I put in hirens boot cd and formatted the hard drive and tried again. It errored out a few more times on Vista win7 and win10. I went to check the bios and found it was passworded.

After a week of back and fourth with Dell they finally agreed I was the legal owner of the laptop nd gave me a password. The problem is that password doesn't work. They are at a loss and so am I.

Is there any hope or am I boned?
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