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Feb 13, 2013
The suggestion to rid your browser of these annoying ads from is meant for those who are familiar with working with a computer registry. 95 % of computer users have no idea what a registry is, much less how to go in and do anything with it. So, to just say, "CLEAR THE REGISTRY REGARDING CHROME IN PROGRAM DATA & TEMP-INSTALL BACK AGAIN", implies that you think you are addressing your comments to computer users who know who to work with a registry. In short, this post was useless since hardly anyone can use the information.


Agree to some extent.

I stay out of the registry for the most part. Really does not need to be tinkered with. May, as a matter of research or occasional curiosity (full disclosure) will take a peek. Otherwise - hands off.

Overall, registry edits are generally to be avoided but sometimes are unavoidable.

And before anyone starts tinkering therein it is always recommended that the work be preceded by a full, verified backup (clone or image) along with extra data backups.

And the registry itself will also offer a chance to be backed up.

The overall idea is "teach a person to fish". So if you are in a situation where registry editing is necessary then, in my personal opinion, the recommended approach is to do some reading and preparation beforehand.

After backup's, explore but do not make any changes. Find the edits necessary. Sometimes they will already be what is expected which means that the problem in question is elsewhere.

If the registry settings are not as expected then a change may be made as long as the change is in the described location and an acceptable value may be entered.

Only one thing should be changed at a time.

However, the person must be willing to take some time to learn about the registry, how it is organized, and how changes are made.

Here are some reference links to help:

There are many such tutorials on line and even some videos.

Again registry editing is, in my mind, a "last resort". All too easy to have things go astray.

Best if the reader(s) or OP have some sense of that before executing regedit or launching some third party editing tool.

And decide, in advance, if registry editing is worth the effort and risks.




You may want to reference the post you are talking about, "this post" can be one of thousands on here. If you have a comment on a thread, you should leave the comment in that thread not in a new one. There is also a downvote option you can use if the answer is wrong or a bad idea.
Aug 14, 2018
Registry editing would also only be an appropriate answer when there was a registry in the picture, not a garanteed assumption in a world where people use the web on non-windows systems.

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