Repairing Medion Erazer - Difficulty Disassembling


Jul 20, 2013
I am trying to disassemble a Medion Erazer 6811 to get to the power jack as it no longer charges the battery or powers the laptop when I plug it in.

I am having some difficulty actually getting to it though, does anyone have any ideas?

I have pointed to the jack in the photo with the screw driver, I can access the rear pin which is attached to the motherboard but other than that I can't get any closer. I have tried taking the rear black plastic casing off but despite taking out all the screws the thing wont budge so I'm guessing its not meant to move.

I have tried accessing it through the keyboard way but it is not possible


edit: I managed to get at the power jack with a little brute force and patience (managed to not snap anything). The thing is soldered on solid as a rock, all the joints looks nice and clean and it doesn't budge a millimeter. Could this indicate a problem with the power brick or the DC nozzle?


Dec 11, 2013
on your picture the positive pin is broken at the contact point to motherboard , you can clearly see a black lline
only solution : disassemble motherboard completely, unsolder all the jack and put new one in

Hopefully he has figured this out in the intervening 3+ years since his last post on the subject, and hasn't just patiently been waiting for another reply, LOL. ;)