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  1. chippy-mx

    Solved! Medion laptop stuck on boot screen

    Hey guys, I recently found an old Medion Akoya E6131 laying around so decided to turn it on, just to see why it was just laying around like that. Turns out the old thing is stuck on the Medion Logo Boot Screen. Pressing F2 to go into Setup or F10 for the boot menu both don't work. I tried...
  2. T

    USB ports not working on Medion akoya p2212t

    So I bought this used 2in1 tablet/laptop with a cracked touch panel for a project. The main problem is that the USB ports don't work on both the tablet and the dock. There is 5V on all of the usb ports but no data. The keyboard and the trackpad on the dock are no good either, so I can't check if...
  3. A

    Solved! Laptop stop working

    I have medion akoya md96630 and stop working ,when I turn the power button it turn on but the screen stay black and gives me 2 short beeps I want to know who is the bios manufacturer of my laptop
  4. L

    Taking screen shots on Medion Akoya laptop

    Taking screen shots on Medion Akoya laptop can anyone help me as I have no idea it is suppose to be simple I have windows 10?
  5. Nico641

    Help Opening my laptop

    Hello everyone. I have a Medion X7843 Notebook that i want to dosone cleaning on. I removed all the screws but i still can’t open it up. Any tips? Thanks.
  6. U

    GPU 100% when playing games with charger plugged in.

    Laptop: Medion Erazer Extreme X7841 17.3" Specs: i7-6700HQ 16 GB ram 64-bit OS, x64-based processor Windows 10 home GeForce GTX 970M I bought this laptop about a year ago, and I recently had the fans cleaned for dust. Recently I have noticed something which I find odd, and I don't recall...
  7. M

    Need help in diagnosing and identifying my Medion Erazer x7831 power issue

    Hi guys I've noticed my laptop power problems have been getting worse for a while now. I thought it might be the battery and I did a battery report http:// which shows its capacity to be quite far below its original capacity. However, I never use this laptop unless it's plugged in anyway. So I...
  8. B

    Need a replacement laptop battery for Medion Erazer

    Hi, I was wondering if this battery will work in my laptop. I have done some reading and I understand mah doesn't matter too much but im not clear on Wh. My laptop is a Medion Erazer x7831 This is my current battery This is the battery I am looking at...
  9. H

    Solved! Medion Akoya Laptop wont, show any sign of life after battery went flat

    The laptop ran out of charge and whilst doing updates I was away from home and didn't have the right charger, tried a couple of other but no charge... got home plugged in with the proper charger and now it won't show any sign of life, no charge light, no power on... I tried the rest but...
  10. X

    Should I get 1060 or 1050 laptop?

    Right so currently I am looking at getting a gaming laptop and am wondering on peoples thoughts as to whether I should get Medion ERAZER X7847 17.3" IPS Full HD i5-6300HQ GTX 1060 6GB 128GB SSD & 1TB HDD 8GB RAM £850 or Acer Aspire VX 15 VX5-591G 15.6" IPS Full HD i5-7300HQ GeForce GTX...
  11. J

    Unpressed keys typing in the middle of sentences

    Hello, My friend's laptop has started inserting '////' whenever he types, in random sections, such as: Took for/ev/er t/o// en/t/er /m/y /pa/s/s/w//or//d. Think it's /fi/x/e/////d//////////////// ooop maybe not. It's a Medion laptop with 8gb Intel core i7 running Windows 10. It was working...
  12. J

    My medion erazer laptop doesnt turn on my screen is black and he powerbutton keeps blinking rapidly the battery is low but it

    so my laptop wont turn on the led light keeps blinking and the battery led is red, i tried holding down the button but nothing happened and pulling the plug doesnt do anything either.
  13. T

    i5-7200U 1050 4gb vs i5-7300HQ 1050 2gb

    Hi, I've been looking at two £700ish laptops as a stopgap gaming measure for a year or so: Medion Erazer P6681 with an i5-7200U and 1050 4gb MSI GL62M 7RDX with i5-7300HQ and 1050 2gb. Where am I best making the compromise, with the lower power CPU in the Medion or the lower vram in the MSI...
  14. N

    Help our medion loptop cannot switch off

    We cannot open nor swtch off the keyboard doesnt responding
  15. NOOB2PRO

    Displayport over Type C?

    How do I know if the type C connector on my laptop has displayport capabilities on it? (laptop is a Medion Erazer X7849 / Clevo P670RS-G)
  16. NOOB2PRO

    Upgrade laptop display?

    I've currently got a Medion Erazer X7849 but this is just a reskinned Clevo P670RS-G and I want to know if I can change the display from its currently 1080p to a 3/4K panel for that viewing quality :D I still plan to game in 1080p/1440p so will I still get the same frames as I currently do or...
  17. J

    how can you open the bay when your laptop hasnt got a disk tray so i can put in one

    i have a medion akoya notebook and it didnt come with a disk tray but there is a panel there that looks like the disktray but no button which makes sense but i wold like to put in one if i can. all i wwant to do is open that panel and see if it can be installed
  18. T

    Normal Temperature for Laptop?

    Hi guys!Im new to this site and i have a question.I have a Laptop Medion Akoya E7220 and 2 days ago i cleaned the fan,but something strange happend.My Laptop made strange sounds with the Fan and when i tried to play smite the laptop shut down itself!I let it rest for 2 days and today i played...
  19. steven10101989

    How to replace a screen on a Medion akoya laptop?

    Hi. I am trying to find a repair manual, or instructions, on how to replace a screen on a Medion akoya E6234. Have had no luck on the net, unless I'm looking in the wrong place. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  20. P

    Advice on laptop price

    Hello, I am considering to sell my laptop because i need the money for something else. However i am unsure of what would be the right price... Heres the spec: Pc name: MEDION ERAZER X7833 Intel Core i7 4710MQ @ 2.5GHz Motherboard Medion x782X/X783X 16 GB ddr3 ram Nvidia Geforce GTX 970M 1tb 7200...
  21. M

    Solved! Medion Akoya black screen

    Hello, i hope someone could help me out? I have Medion Akoya. I was on vacation and when i got back i wanted to use my laptop but then when i put it on i hear the ventilator and there is blacklight sometimes even "preparing automatic repair" but nothing happens. Anybody can help me out?
  22. M

    Laptop replace li-ion cells medion

    My current battery for my laptop (brand is Medion) has 6 cells. The battery back says: 10.8V == 4400mAh, 47Wh model name: A32-C17 So I want to replace all them with Panasonic NCR18650B 3350mAh. But then the capicity would be 6* 3350 = 20.100 mAh. in parallel so 2*3350 = 6700mah Can the battery...
  23. L

    Re-activate touchpad on Medion Akoya P6658 laptop

    The other day the touch pad on my pc stoped working. I have already tried using the command Fn F9 without any luck. I've also tried to look for updates for the driver through mouse>advanced>driver>update_driver , but it says i've got the newest driver. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  24. U

    Help with aptio setup utility

    So, I dropped my laptop yesterday and now whenever I boot it up it brings me to the afformetntioned utility It's a Medion Akoya Model number E6239 Any advice?
  25. N

    Blue screen loop problem - can’t restore fabric settings (not with F8 and not with USB and discs)

    Hi, I have a Medion Aspire P7818 laptop with a blue screen loop problem. I don’t know but maybe the win-10 anniversery update has something to do with it. Anyway, when I put my laptop on a Medion logo appears and first I see: preparing automatic repair. Even after that, a blue screen shows up...
  26. E

    New notebook won't shut off/restart

    Hello, yesterday I got a brand new Medion Erazer P7643 notebook. It all worked great untill this morning when I was too late plugging in the charger and the screen went black so of course I plugged in the charger, awaiting the notebook to restart. But it didn't, so I tried to hold in the power...
  27. T

    Asus vs Medion vs Lenovo gaming laptop

    Hi, I need a new laptop for my study and I also like to game a bit, so I found these 3 laptops: - Asus ROG GL552VW-CN471T - Lenovo IdeaPad Y700-15ISK (80NV00HMMH) - Medion Erazer X6601 (30020944) The prices and specs are basically the same, only asus has no extra ssd. Which one has the best...
  28. B

    Total trouble with OS booting

    Hi.... I have the total big trouble with OS booting in Medion AKOYA S221x notebook. before this sh*t be all OK, but yesterday some how automatically on pc hardware be set Bitlocker. Ok, I all the files I deleted from hardware. And now the Problem, when I plug the flash drive(bootable usb with...
  29. A

    Medion Laptops any good

    Hi I have a £1400 price limit on a gaming laptop and out of all the companies this is the laptop with the best specs at £1300 Medion X7843 CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ Processor Graphic: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 980M Memory size: 16GB SSD Capacity: 128GB Hard disk capacity: 1TB Screen size: 43,9 cm...
  30. E

    Medion ERAZER X7833 RAM Upgrade

    I have recently bought a Medion Erazer X7833 with 8GB RAM. I planned to upgrade my RAM. But, as I had to learn the hard way, a copper pipe is in the way of the RAM when I try to take it out. Does anyone have the same or a similar laptop, on which the RAM was upgraded? If yes, can anyone give me...
  31. N

    Medion Erazor charging problem

    I have a Medion Erazer X7821, which doesn't charge correctly.When it is plugged it charges intermittently. It wont work without the battery when plugged in. Recently a red light has been appearing on the battery charge indicator. Laptop is about a year and a half to two years old. I have tried...
  32. P

    i need a website

    hello guys i'm looking for a website for laptop parts because i need a website to find parts for my medion akoya e2776 MD99420 (msn NO 30017437) because i can't ind a good website. thanks
  33. T

    CPU temperature 50C after replacing thermal paste multiple times

    I bought a used laptop (Medion Erazer X6821). When I received and booted it up I heard the fan nearly the whole time. I blew all the dust out and replaced the thermal paste. After booting up the laptop again I noticed the temps were higher and the noisy fan was blowing all the time. I tried...
  34. J

    How do i connect speakers with a Aldi Medion TV what canles do i need amd where do i plug them in thanks Jewls

    I have an Aldi Medion Tv and need to know what leads i have to plug in to get my speakers working.I plugged one into my earphones jack in the back of the tv but it works but it also has a humming buzzing sound??? Cheers Jewls
  35. I

    Which specs are the best for gaming?

    Medion Erazer 1920 x 1080 i7-3630qm (2.4) GTX 680m 2GB SSD 128gb HDD 750gb Medion Erazer 1600x900 i7-4700MQ (2.4) GTX 770m 3GB 750gb HDD MSI GX70 A10-5750m (2.5) Radeon 8970m 2GB 750gb HDD Lenovo y50 / Msi ge60 i7-4710mq (2.4) GTX 860m 2GB 750gb HDD Hi guys looking to buy a second hand...
  36. B

    Boot Loop - Can Get to BIOS before restart

    I have a problem with a boot loop where my i3 windows 7 medion laptop will go into a boot loop! The loading screen displaying medion wil show with the f2 setup option and f10 bios screen - then it will go to a screen with a flashing dash for a second or wo and then the process restarts and...
  37. M

    Do you think it is possible to upgrade my Medion Notebook?

    This is the notebook: I want to upgrade its cpu, but I heard that it could be impossible with some laptops. do you think i can upgrade it?
  38. N

    How do I take pictures and videos with my built-in webcam on my Medion Akoya?

    Hi all, :) I have received this Medion Akoya laptop from a friend as they upgraded and I cannot figure out how to use my built-in webcam, and they never needed it so they couldn't help me. People have told me I need to hold Fn and F9 together to activate the camera. I have done this and it...
  39. N

    Mijn toetsenbord geeft rare tekens

    Hello forum members, Last week i bought a medion akoya p7818, till now i had no problems with it but if click one of the following keys: m,y,j,k,h,v and some others it doesn't work how it should, for example when i press m it types: mx, or ɪÆô these kind of signs without pressing anything else...
  40. R

    How hot do MSI gaming laptopts get ( On the outside )?

    Hi, I'm asking this because I've got a Medion gaming laptop ( erazer x6825 ) the other day, but after playing a game like bioshock on ultra for 4-5 minutes I would have to close the game, because the bottom of my laptop would get so hot that it felt like my leg was slowly starting to burn... I...
  41. R

    Medion laptop LED light issues, also how do i enter the medion bios?

    Hi, so I got a new laptop today, a Medion Erazer X6825. Great laptop, except for 1 little problem. There are 5 LED-lights under the touchpad. 1 For wifi, bluetooth, battery and 2 others. However, they keep flashing. Every, freaking, second. And they're bright and very noticable too. The...
  42. R

    Does anyone have experience with Medion laptopts ( Medion Erazer in particular )?

    So I've found this laptop which seems really good for it's price, despite having a 3rd generation I7 as opposed to a 4th generation. here's the link, actually : It's just that I've heard some bad stuff about medion, that the build...
  43. E

    Laptop Similarity Questions (MSI GS70 Stealth)

    Hello, I am looking for a good gaming laptops. Recently I've been really interested in the MSI GS70. I have some questions though. Who actually manufactures these laptop? Through my research I've found many very very similar laptop, with almost identical casing. The laptops are Schenker XMG...
  44. A

    acer aspire 8935g vs medion akoya p8614

    which is best or is there a 18.4'' alternitive im buying used so the targeted year is 2008-2010
  45. R

    MEDION ERAZER X7611 LAPTOP vs Msi gs70 Stealth

    Hello guys ! I am looking for a new gaming laptop, my budget is of about £1000 , and by accident I found this laptop: MEDION ERAZER X7611 LAPTOP Is it worth buying , or should I stick to the MSI gs70? or what are...
  46. T

    Ram or gpu - laptop choice help

    I have a few laptops in mind By the way, I will not be upgrading the laptop so please give me an opinion of it not being upgraded. Laptop 1: medion akoya p6643 (£489) Pros: Good processor, good gpu (gt 740m) Cons: Only 4gb ram...
  47. T

    Medion laptop brand help

    Just wondering is medion a good brand. On the picture, the laptop doesn't have a qwerty Uk keyboard. It is international, is this only in the picture or will it ship with an international keyboard. Here's the link...
  48. A

    I have installed a new laptop keyboard for a medion ahoy a laptop and now the some keys don't work and the ones that do are th

    I have installed a new keyboard for a medion akoya laptop, but now half the keys don't work and the keys that do work are showing the wrong keys to the ones being pressed for example if I press 2 it displays as 0 and if I press backspace I get the + symbol. Do I need to reformat the new keyboard...
  49. J

    Which Lptop should I choose?

    Hello everybody! I want to buy a new computer and as I am a student I'll have to be able to take it everywhere so I've chosen to take a Laptop. the question which arises now is: Which one to choose?! I'll use it for Video editing (not professional: Pinnacle Studio 16) and for some Games such as...
  50. D

    Medion MD9850 Windows Vista Home Preium plugged in not charging

    Ordered a new battery for Medion Akoya - MD 96850 - Windows Vista Home Premium. The old battery had 11,1 V output tension. The new battery has 10,8 V output tension. My laptop starts with the new battery. When I plug the Original charger in, a message telling 'battery not recognized' appears and...
  51. Q

    Specs vs. brand name?

    Hi. I'm looking for a laptop under £600 that is capable of playing relatively modern games (Just Cause 2, GTA IV, Saint's Row III) at medium+ settings with a smooth framerate (above 30fps). After a bit of searching I came across the Medion Akoya P7817 for £589. i5 3230M, GT 730M, 8GB RAM, full...
  52. T

    MEDION® ERAZER® X7825 Thoughts?

    I've been looking into buying a Medion laptop, but I've never been a owner of one before and dont know anyone who has had one. Do anyone have any experience? The laptop looks like a beast with the new Haswell i7 processor. And after a great threadreply by GeekThief at...
  53. G

    Repairing Medion Erazer - Difficulty Disassembling

    I am trying to disassemble a Medion Erazer 6811 to get to the power jack as it no longer charges the battery or powers the laptop when I plug it in. I am having some difficulty actually getting to it though, does anyone have any ideas? I have pointed to the jack in the photo with the screw...
  54. H

    My Usb ports doesn't work, i have a medion pc

    I am just refreshing my old thread since it died, but i really hope someone can help me with this. I will link the last thread so you can see it.
  55. H

    My Usb ports doesn't work, i have a medion pc

    i saw one of you postes in [...] ports-work Its because can you help me find the chip thing for my computer, Medion Akoya E6217. I have windows 7 ultimate. Just to clear it out, my USB ports detects that i connect my WD My Passport Essential SE 1 TB USB 3.0...
  56. M

    Repair Manual for Medion laptop 6313

    Hi I am needing to change the hard drive and cannot find anywhere to get a repair manual for the medion 6313, unfortunately it is not like many of the other laptops where you turn it over and unscrew 2 screws then extract the laptop, this one is under the keyboard but no instructions of how to...
  57. Z

    Medion Erazer laptops?

    Hello Anyone had an experience with Medion Erazer laptops? Especially the x6815? I'm currently looking for a laptop for light gaming around £400-£500 mark. Then I spotted this, and thought the specs were pretty good considering the price...
  58. A

    HELP, Medion laptop display problems

    My Medion Akoya E7212 is about 2 years old. Recently I had to have my hard disk changed and now there seems to be a problem with my screen. It suddenly went all grainy and the the colour is predominantly green. Please help!
  59. U

    MD42100 BIOS Update Without Boot Partition?

    I have a Medion MD42100 (MIM2040) that is almost up to date save for the BIOS update. Receiving lacking support from Medion's own website, I am at an end to what I can do. When the update is downloaded,it shows 3 files. The first is called "M109.ROM" and is the shell for the update, the next is...