Solved! Medion laptop stuck on boot screen

Aug 13, 2019
Hey guys,

I recently found an old Medion Akoya E6131 laying around so decided to turn it on, just to see why it was just laying around like that. Turns out the old thing is stuck on the Medion Logo Boot Screen.

Pressing F2 to go into Setup or F10 for the boot menu both don't work. I tried other keys but to no avail.

I know it had Windows 7 Home Premium running on it.
I'm not sure what lead to this as this happened a while ago, so that's all the info I can offer.

Is there anything I can try doing to get the laptop back up and running again?
try this, remove battery & power adapter from laptop, hold power button down for 20 secs(this is a hard reset), reinstall battery into laptop, reconnect power adapter to laptop & turn on laptop.