Replaced DC jack but still not charging


Mar 30, 2017
I have a Dell Inspiron 5559 laptop and recently a circular portion came off from the DC Jack that is possible made from plastic. I realized this had been somehow broken. The AC adapter was still possible to be plugged-in but the battery did not seem to charge. However, the laptop could work on AC power and the battery power was not being used. I ordered a new DC jack from e-bay. I completely dissembled the laptop and installed the new DC jack. Now, the laptop still says it's not charging (but can detect that it's plugged in). The battery is running out now and that means it's not even using the AC power anymore. What can possibly go wrong? I believe the battery and the adapter is still fine and it's been under a year only.
Try charging it when the laptop is turned off. Not sleep or hibernate, or just the lid closed, but completely powered off.

Does it charge then?

If yes, then your adapter is the issue, and it probably needs replacing. They can get damaged, and you not see the damage. Having it power the device, but not also charge the battery when turned on, is a common sign of it going bad. Eventually it will not charge it even when turned off and finally not work at all to power the device.


Mar 30, 2017

Thanks a lot for your suggestion. It turned out the that the DC jack has been working properly but it was not plugged properly while testing with it. I guess the charging is resolved now with whatever the situation was with the laptop.
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