Replaced Laptop LED, No response from new screen.


Sep 27, 2013
Good evening Ladies and Gents,

I have just replaced my Sony Vaio VPCEL led screen, because the last one was smashed. In my attempts to get it to connect externally I had unplugged the screen from the mother board, and had used it for months on the external(with the laptop monitor unplugged).<-- this info may or may not be useful. I was finally able to get it to switch over to HDMI through function keys.

I have finally bought the replacement and installed it, however I am not getting any response. All of the connections have been triple checked for tightness, as well I have drained the power and turned it back on. When I try to detect it, nothing appears. Also the connections seem very much intact, as in no damage to wires.

Now I am @ a loss as to how to test next. Please respond.

Thank you!