Replacement laptop and yhe Wall of phone text.


Oct 23, 2012
good morning everyone,

bear with me as I'm trying to type this on a cellphone... my old computer (ASUS RoG G73JH - best b uy model)went kaput...complete with blue, black snd orange screens of death. I bought the protection plan by Geek Squad which has proved a worthy investment..

Issue: my old computer was sent off for repairs at Geek Squad city. my computer was unfixable and therefore scrapped... the warranty has made it so I can get a "comparable" computer. Which looks like the dollar amount I spent on the first one (1200 usd), or the "current value" of my scrapped computer (about 650 usd)...

with issues of my old ASUS, I'm debating replacing the old one with the newer model of the same design. (ie the g73jh for a g75vw). I'm currently in the military, and was thinking I needed a desktop replacement, but a desktop seems like it would work and I could probably do better with the specs than the new G75 model

that said, my budget: the replacement plan, a newer comparable version, possible gift card for the amount of the cost of the computer, & the price difference.

the size of the notebook I am considering:

17.3 inches
as a side note I'm using a 32 inch TV, as a 'monitor replacement'.

preferred resolution:
I would prefer 1080p, but once again have the monitor replacement.

what I need:
I'm moving in a few months to Japan, so I'm considering a desktop, or a desktop replacement notebook.

battery life:
I'm going to keep it plugged in

GW2, LoL, MW3, WoW, Diablo 3, WoT, SC2, various FPS, strategy, moba, and rpgs. also any new game that comes out that catch my eye.
prefer LoL on highest settings, and prefer sniping in most fps.. So whichever works best
With the computer settings.. Bottom line: I'm flexible.

I use occasional word processing, and would prefer to get into some music composition and editing programs.

hard drive capacity: (so happy about my phone's voice recording settings)
no preference

sites to buy from.:
I think my only options are Best, building it in the store if I can get the gift card, or getting the comparable version. (G75vw-bhi7n07, or the -bbk5)

how long do I want to keep my laptop:
as long as possible, though 2 to 3 years is probably the best I can do before I want a new one.. which seems to be the issue with most, if not all, laptops.

optical drive:
no preference

brand preference:
there are any brands that I wouldn't consider. that said, when I had my laptop up and running, it was far and away the best computer I've ever had.

country I live in:
United States, Japan soon.

additional information:
I've come to the conclusion, that I can get a replacement notebook, and use it. so no but before I use it, new in box. or if I can get a gift card I can piece together the machine myself, using the non preferred method of buying everything at Best Buy.

as I stated I really liked my old computer, but the frequency of the blue screen of death, and the time it has taken to repair/replace it.. to include driving 2 hours to get to the closest store, makes everything a tad bit inconvenient.

if I can just get a desktop using my TV as a replacement monitor, should I even get a laptop in the first place?

my options until Friday, include the older version of the Windows 7 operating system, or the newer version of Windows 8, after Thursday. the reviews about the Best Buy store I'm going to, have been dismal at best, but I am proud to say that the Geek Squad members I have talked with, have far exceeded my expectations.

the bottom line:
should I get a desktop or the replacement notebook? with Windows 7 or Windows 8? ( I would only need a new keyboard as well as the desktop peripherals.. Have the mouse and monitor.)

if I get the laptop, should I just sell it and look on newegg or a comparable site with the money?

-small budget leeway options, until payday, with 200 dollars to play with.

lastly, could someone please post, a desktop, with better peripherals than the current version I had.. only need a legitimate keyboard, and it has been working condition on my doorstep for less than 1200 dollars. (hopefully a gaming machine the likes of which the world has never seen, mwahaha... moreso just me..)

thanks for reading this wall of text, for being a great resource, and an awesome computer community.

I'd ask you to deal with my typos, as this whole thing has been "typed" on my phone.. I'm usually a stickler for grammar and punctuation; but it would take longer to edit the document then hit it has taken to type it... I'm an hour and a half of last check... And guessing by time outs.. I'm glad I can copy this...

thanks again,


Oct 5, 2009
Get the next Asus in line, you'll be fine. Especially if you're going overseas, what a pain it'd be to have to carry all that equipment around with you. If you have a laptop, you just throw it in the bag and be done with it.