Question Replacing SSD to check if works

Jul 8, 2019
I am not sure if this is the place for this question.

My friend has a hardware problem and wants to check if there exists a problem with his SSD.

He wanted to replace the SSD on my computer to see if there is any problem, but I believe it is not possible because the hardware is completely different. (cannot just plug-in and hope it works, right?)

Is there anything that might go wrong;
if we replace my SSD with his SSD on my computer,
re-install Windows (I am using Ubuntu),
and after we check his SSD, plug my own SSD back.

Thanks for help, I can provide any information might be useful.
I am not really sure what might be important.


You don't need to install anything on the drive to see if it works, just remove it, put it in a USB enclosure and see if it works. Of you can put it in as a secondary drive in a computer.
If the idea is to re-install Windows, why not do it in the system you are checking?

It may be more helpful if your friend made a post or you did with the actual program you are having, with details.
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