Restrict Laptop to ONE Website Only


Oct 17, 2012
I have 3 laptops, all of them need to access just ONE specific Website, no other sites. Infact, we dont need, any email, any sound, ...) Id prefer to remove the Hard drive and just have them boot up from a CD, That way I dont have any problems about Anti-Virus software, Hard Drive Failures, etc ... They are just outdated laptops with built in Wireless LAN

What Id really like is if a guy could make a bootable CD, (like the puppy linux for example) and just have a way to use something like firefox or what comes with pupply linux that could limit the access to that one single website.

Can someone please give me some ideas, or (Hint: Better yet!... an .ISO I can download from somewhere would be AWESOME!! - (I was thinking about Puppy Linux, but I dont know enough about Linux to make it happen) Thanks! Happy New Years Gang!

1. Computers need hard drives. They need to be able to write temporary files somewhere (like the hard drive) to operate.
2. To block websites, the easiest thing to do is to setup a firewall that blocks all IP addresses except that single site you want to access.
3. Browsers also have Parental Controls to block content; at least Internet Explorer does.
4. To disable sound all you need to do is uninstall the sound driver.
5. Just create an Administrator Account for yourself, and enable the Guest Account which is a very restricted account (i.e. you can't install programs).