right satellite speaker is not working


Jan 27, 2013
Hello everyone,
I currently own a set of insignia ns-3099 speakers which i bought about 10 years ago. Currently, my right satellite speaker does not work properly. This problem happened a long time ago, but i have made no effort to fix it until recently.

I tried playing music to the speaker directly by attaching a 3.5mm cable that i cut before, and the speaker itself does play music. when i run the set normally, i hear faint music coming from the speaker, so my guess is a fault wire but i'm not sure where to look..

i tried testing the speakers before in windows' control panel. the left speaker makes a sound normally, but the right speakers' sound also plays out of the left speaker. i also tried muting the left speaker and playing only from the right speaker to see how loud it actually is. when i did this, the subwoofer was muted as well as both satellites, but after playing with the 3.5mm jack abit, music played out of the left speaker. It was very low but clear. any help in resolving this issue is greatly appreciated, thank you.

update: i tried plugging earphones into the speakers' provided headphone in port. I was able to get the left and right earphones working at the same level. also, when i tested them in the audio control panel, the left AND right sound tests were heard in both earphones.