RoboCop: Rogue City is the unlikely poster child for Unreal Engine 5 — and an absolute blast to play

Jan 22, 2024
Once I saw the first alpha footage of this game, I've followed the development since.
As a fan of the franchise, not so much 3, so laughable, jet pack anyone; or the reboot.
I knew I wanted rogue city, and boy I'm so happy with it. I've noticed graphical glitches in it (series x quality mode).
Going round blowing heads of slime balls never gets old. The ED-209's make their appearance.

The motherboard upgrades for the auto-9 is a good touch, allowing you to modify the damage, reload speed, armour peircing, magazine size and the extra perks that are given is a good touch.

Only issue I have is; from the first Misson you need level 6 engineering of open safes or scanning level 3 to reduce extra clues.

I'm still on my first play through 🤞🤞I'm hoping that they have incorporated a new game + mode to take advantage of using higher skill levels in the early missions.

There are some surprises in store with characters back from the first 2 films (no spoilers as to who is back), chronologically it's based between the 2nd and 3rd films. I didn't expect Peter Weller to return to voice Alex Murphy, but boy did he do justice to an iconic film character.

I'm hoping for more Robocop games from them. As rogue city is awesome