Rockville SS vs. Bluray player

Sep 26, 2018
Hi there, I have an LG plasma TV model # 60PV450-UA, a Panasonic BD Home Theater player model # SA-BTT196, and I just bought a Rockville HTS56 surround sound system. My cats destroyed half the speakers to the BD player. As it sits, my TV does NOT put out any sound, all sound comes out of the BD player. The BD player is connected to the TV via HDMI. The Rockville system has RCA cables (white and red) and an input for them on the panel. My BD player has an optical output, but does not have RCA output. I haven't checked the TV yet. My question is, if I'm even able to hook up the RCA cables for the surround sound to the TV at all, will it automatically put out sound through those speakers? Or do I have to tweak the settings? If I can just hook it up (SOMEHOW) to the BD player, do I have to adjust settings there to output to the system? Or am I better off just buying a brand new Bluray player? Are there even Bluray players out there with RCA output anymore?? Please help!!
You have two home theater systems.
The Panasonic with digital surround sound, the BD player built in, an optical input (not output), and HDMI output.
The Rockville is a 5.1 speaker that doesn't have any surround sound processing built in. There is no simple way for you to connect it to the TV and get the sound you were getting from the Panasonic.
Just buying a new actual BD player (not an HTS with BD built in) won't help. They don't have 5.1 outputs. If they did you would still not get surround sound from any other source. No way simple way to connect the Rockville to anything but a PC that has 5.1 audio outputs to get digital surround sound.
You could use only the Rockville speakers to replace the ones that your cat destroyed.
Overpriced if you paid the Amazon price. Send it back if you can.
Sep 26, 2018

Thank you for your reply, yes it's two surround sound systems. Essentially I am trying to replace the speakers that came with the Panasonic but I can't figure out the connections. Is there a way to make them work with the Panasonic? You mentioned a regular ol' Blu ray player won't have the right connections either, would I have to get a BD/HTS to make it work? I have no problem with extra speakers
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