Solved! Roku Model 32S327 No Volume When I I first tune to cable provider.

Feb 20, 2020
Roku Model 32S327 No Volume When I Tune 1st to Cable Input.
When I turn on my Roku TV and I select my cable provider (HDMI) icon, I have no volume.
IF I turn on my Roku TV and choose any other icon, Netflix, Disney, Prime, etc, even just for a few seconds, then go back to change to my cable provider, now the volume will work.
The input is HDMI.
I have used both of the TV’s HDMI ports with different HDMI cables and the issue follows.

I would appreciate any help.
Cable boxes will update their firmware automatically. Haven't seen one with a manual option.
Try changing the audio output type of the cable box.
Sometimes a cold reboot of the cable box will help.
You can also try getting a replacement box from your cable provider.