Rumor: PlayStation 4 Coming 2012, Will Bring Kinect-like Motion Control

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Dark Comet

Jan 15, 2008
[citation][nom]siman0[/nom]PS3 wasn’t that expensive for its release, 99.9% of people didn’t do the math on how much all the 360 addons costed to equal the PS3. The HD-DVD fail thing, wireless networking, ect... if you added it all up you were about $80-100 over the price of the PS3. Red rings/red dots headache of the dumb power brick, its eventual replacement, lack of HDMI, Optical Audio out, card readers, Bluetooth, ect... just made the 360 a pain. Also before the yelling of fan boy comes out, no, I'm not a fan boy I have all 3 systems to this day. I'm on my original PS3 and Wii, but I’m on my 6th Xbox and the only thing i play on it is Halo and its affiliated games. As to the PC vs Console ummm "war" consoles will -=(NEVER!)=- have power no matter what generation, PC will have better CPU, memory, graphics, storage, ect... But console was -=(NEVER!)=- made for that. A console is made to be the portable fun box, which I can take with me on vacation. It is a box that I don’t have to pay 2000-5000 to play the latest games on. I know this because I got a rack mounted server case housing my mondo water-cooled "beast machine". With that said good day to you ladies and gentlemen.[/citation]

All the stuff you listed is not needed. With the PS3 you were forced to buy them because they were built in, with the Xbox 360 you had a choice. At least you get a mic with the Xbox 360...


Nov 29, 2009
LMAO... How is this any different from a PS3 today with a PS Move system? What's the point of spending the extra money? For a newer skin? XD
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